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Reasons Why Businesses Prefer Call Center Services in the Philippines

By Maigne Cantos / 28 May 2018

Why do businesses prefer call center services in the Philippines?

  1. Filipino Call Center Agents have a Natural Accent
  2. Superior English comprehension and communication skills
  3. Topnotch customer service
  4. Less time investment
  5. Flexibility in dealing with foreign cultures


The Philippines call center service industry is considered one of the best in the world. Because of this, the country regards the sector as a primary contributor to the economy.

The industry is continually growing and there are many reasons why foreign businesses employ outsourcing from Philippine call centers. Makati is one of the central districts for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), serving as the country’s premier hub for call center services. The Philippines earned the reputation for having the most preferred agents worldwide due to a number of reasons.

There are foreign BPO companies who choose to work with local agents for their business needs, but Filipinos stand out because of their work attributes. The professionals in the call centers in Makati and other cities in the country can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Interested to learn more? Read about these top reasons why businesses prefer call center services in the Philippines:


Filipino Call Center Agents have a Natural Accent


Filipino call center agents are able to speak in an accent-free when speaking English. Foreign BPO companies recognize the conversational skills of Filipino call center agents that make their customers feel like they are talking to native English speakers. This results in better communication and less risk of miscommunication.

Unlike their Asian counterparts, Filipinos have a clear and distinct tone when it comes to speaking with clients. Having this trait leaves no room for poor customer service and lost business.

Filipinos no accent

Superior English Comprehension and Communication Skills


Besides their neutral accent, Filipino call center agents are also confident when speaking English because they have been studying it from a young age. Since it is considered the country’s second language, even elementary school kids have basic knowledge of it from their education system.

Businesses continue to choose the Philippines for BPO because of the agents’ strong background in the language. This provides you an edge over other agents in Asia because of their distinct quality to speak basic English.


High-Quality Manpower


Filipino call center agents are versatile when it comes to many different fields. Their work at a call center requires them to be flexible in terms of knowledge acquisition. This extends their scope of learning in fields like information technology, medicine, troubleshooting in technology, and the like.

The Philippines is home to many talents who have sufficient educational background, which makes their skills stand out in the pool of foreign investors. This also allows them to be adequate in outsource services that require technical knowledge. They also have a high commitment to achieve and meet the prescribed quota which is an evident example of strong work ethics.

They are highly qualified manpower simply because of their innate diligence and team-player attitude.


Topnotch Customer Service


Considered as the top reason for choosing Filipino call center agents, the world-famous customer service skills present in the local BPO industry is what attracts investors to commit to the sector. Filipinos provide top-notch hospitality and this shows when they communicate with the clients.

A business setting that cannot attain a high rating in customer satisfaction is sure to fail. Investors see that Filipinos are naturally warm, hospitable, and friendly which makes them perfect for meeting this goal. The ability of Filipino agents to make customers feel at ease leads to a favorable experience which is what businesses are looking for to get ahead in their market.

The positive reputation of businesses relies heavily on customer acceptance. This is why they prefer Filipino agents because they open up the company to new opportunities for growth.


Less time investment


Call center agents in the Philippines possess the majority of the required skills needed in call center operation. This reduces the amount of time and the costs spent on training. Time is essential in any business. Hiring call center agents who put value to their time guarantees that the foreign BPO companies have huge time savings.

The time saved can be redirected to other income-generating projects and departments who would benefit from it. This is because Filipino Call Center Services are made up of people who have a combination of speech and communication skills, as well as positive values and qualities which makes them effective in their field.

 Foreign Business

Flexibility in Dealing with Foreign Cultures


Businesses prefer call center services in the Philippines because agents in the country have been exposed to several cultures, and they are more likely to adapt to the culture of their clients. This will promote empathy, which will make their communication more genuine. They can easily relate to the experience of the customer which will result in a better relationship with them.

Even when the customer and the agent are several miles apart, a genuine interaction will result in a more intimate customer service experience which will do wonders for the brand of the company.


Key Takeaway


Working with call center services in the Philippines will further improve business operations.  The strength of manpower derived from the qualities of the agents will mean an increased profit for the company.

If you want to improve customer service operations for your business, why not try call center services in the Philippines?

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