Airlines/Aviation Outsourcing

Airlines are facing a range of business challenges in today’s fast-paced and highly competitive industry. With the need to constantly adapt to new regulations, rising fuel costs, and changing customer expectations, many airlines are turning to outsource as a way to manage non-core front and back office processes.

By outsourcing to onshore, nearshore, or offshore providers, airlines can benefit from increased efficiency, cost savings, and the ability to focus on their core business functions. Additionally, outsourcing also enables airlines to quickly scale to meet the demands of their customers and to respond to market changes.

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Case Study Snapshots

Delta Airlines outsourced its remote call center operations to a third-party provider in order to improve efficiency and customer service. The company reported an increase in customer satisfaction, improved agent productivity, and cost savings as a result of the outsourcing partnership.


United Airlines, outsourced its office-based call center operations to a third-party provider in order to improve efficiency and customer service. The company reported an increase in customer satisfaction, improved agent productivity, and cost savings as a result of the outsourcing partnership.

Airlines/Aviation Outsourcing Companies

Airlines/Aviation Outsourcing to the Philippines

The Airlines/Aviation industry finds a strategic outsourcing partner in the Philippines, known for its strong customer service orientation and operational support capabilities. Filipino professionals excel in handling airline customer service, reservations, ticketing, and baggage claims, ensuring a smooth and pleasant experience for passengers. Their proficiency in English and cultural adaptability make them well-suited for interacting with a diverse global clientele. The Philippines also offers expertise in back-office airline operations, such as data management and finance processing, contributing to the efficient running of aviation businesses. Outsourcing to the Philippines allows airlines to maintain high service standards, manage costs effectively, and focus on core operational areas.

Airline/Aviation Outsourcing to India

India plays a significant role in the outsourcing landscape for the Airlines/Aviation sector, offering a blend of technological innovation and operational expertise. Indian professionals provide comprehensive support for airlines, including IT services for reservation systems, flight operations software, and customer relationship management. Their skills in analytics and data management are invaluable for optimizing flight routes, managing fuel efficiency, and enhancing passenger experience. India’s cost-effective services enable airlines to reduce operational costs while leveraging advanced technological solutions, helping them stay competitive in a challenging industry.


South Africa is increasingly recognized for its proficiency in providing call center and back-office services to the airline industry. The country’s strong English language skills, high service quality standards, and favorable time zone for serving global markets make it an ideal choice for airlines seeking efficient customer support and back-office operations. With a cost-competitive labor market, South Africa offers airlines the ability to manage customer inquiries, reservations, and loyalty programs, alongside handling back-office functions such as data processing and financial services. The nation’s developed telecommunications infrastructure and emphasis on training skilled customer service professionals further bolster its position as a leading destination for airline outsourcing needs.


Mexico’s strategic nearshore location for North American airlines, combined with a significant bilingual (Spanish-English) workforce, positions it as a top choice for outsourcing call center and back-office services in the airline industry. Mexican outsourcing firms excel in providing comprehensive customer support, including ticketing, reservations, and multilingual customer service, ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction. The country’s growing expertise in back-office operations, such as HR, finance, and IT support, enables airlines to achieve operational efficiencies and cost savings. Mexico’s cultural affinity with the United States and its robust IT infrastructure make it an attractive option for airlines looking to enhance their customer service and back-office functions.


Colombia has emerged as a competitive destination for airline outsourcing, particularly in call center and back-office services, thanks to its strategic geographic location and a strong focus on customer service excellence. The country offers a skilled, bilingual workforce adept at managing customer relations, booking assistance, and loyalty program inquiries, providing a seamless service experience for global airline passengers. Colombian firms also specialize in back-office functions, including document processing and finance operations, supporting airlines in optimizing their administrative and operational workflows. The government’s investment in telecommunications and education further enhances Colombia’s capacity to deliver high-quality, cost-effective outsourcing solutions to the airline industry.


The United States is a premier destination for airlines looking to outsource call center and back-office services, offering unparalleled expertise and technological innovation. U.S.-based service providers are known for their high-quality customer support, advanced CRM solutions, and proficiency in handling complex inquiries and customer service challenges. With a focus on delivering personalized passenger experiences, American firms utilize the latest in technology, including AI and data analytics, to optimize customer interactions and back-office efficiencies. While the cost may be higher compared to other destinations, outsourcing to the U.S. ensures access to a skilled workforce, cutting-edge technology, and compliance with stringent data protection and privacy standards.


Canada offers a compelling mix of highly educated, multilingual talent and a strong emphasis on customer service quality, making it an attractive location for airlines to outsource their call center and back-office needs. Canadian outsourcing firms provide a range of services, from customer inquiry handling and booking assistance to managing frequent flyer programs, all supported by robust data security and privacy protocols. The country’s technological infrastructure and focus on innovation allow for efficient back-office management, including payroll, HR, and financial services. Canada’s cultural proximity to the U.S. and Europe, combined with its linguistic capabilities in English and French, further positions it as a strategic partner for airlines seeking to enhance their customer support and administrative operations.


Australia is recognized for its strong capabilities in delivering high-quality call center and back-office services to the airline industry, supported by a skilled, English-speaking workforce and a commitment to customer service excellence. Australian outsourcing firms excel in providing comprehensive customer support, leveraging advanced technologies to offer personalized travel experiences, alongside efficient back-office solutions that streamline airline operations. The country’s strategic location allows for convenient coverage across different time zones, especially beneficial for serving the Asia-Pacific market. Australia’s adherence to high standards in data protection and privacy, combined with its technological advancement, makes it a reliable choice for airlines focused on improving customer engagement and operational efficiency.


The United Kingdom, with its robust infrastructure and deep expertise in the aviation sector, serves as a key hub for airlines seeking to outsource call center and back-office services. UK-based providers are adept at offering superior customer service, including multichannel support, reservations, and handling complex travel inquiries, underpinned by a strong focus on quality and regulatory compliance. The country’s workforce is highly skilled in managing back-office functions, from finance and accounting to HR and IT services, helping airlines optimize their internal processes and reduce costs. The UK’s advanced technology landscape and strong legal framework for data protection and privacy provide airlines with the confidence to outsource critical operations, ensuring service excellence and operational reliability.


The Dominican Republic is becoming an attractive destination for Airlines outsourcing, thanks to its strategic location in the Caribbean and a growing reputation in customer service excellence. Dominican professionals are skilled in a variety of airline operations, from reservations and ticketing to customer inquiries and bilingual support (Spanish and English), vital for serving international passengers. The country’s dedication to tourism and hospitality translates well into the aviation sector, offering personalized and efficient service to travelers. Outsourcing to the Dominican Republic enables airlines to leverage cost-effective solutions while enhancing the travel experience for their customers, with a workforce adept at using the latest in aviation software and customer service platforms.


Belize, with its unique blend of natural beauty and strategic geographic location, is stepping into the spotlight as a promising destination for Airlines/Aviation outsourcing. Leveraging its English-speaking population and growing emphasis on service industries, Belize offers an attractive environment for airline customer service, including reservations, ticketing, and handling passenger inquiries. The country’s commitment to enhancing its IT infrastructure and educational system provides a solid foundation for supporting complex airline operations, from data processing to financial management. Outsourcing to Belize enables airlines to benefit from cost-effective services while ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction through personalized and culturally sensitive interactions. 


Costa Rica is emerging as a key player in the Airlines/Aviation outsourcing sector, celebrated for its high educational standards, political stability, and a workforce fluent in English and Spanish. The country specializes in offering high-quality customer service, operational support, and back-office services for the aviation industry. Costa Rican firms are adept at integrating sustainable practices into their operations, appealing to airlines focused on environmental stewardship. Outsourcing to Costa Rica allows airlines to tap into innovative solutions for enhancing passenger experiences and optimizing flight operations, all within a framework that prioritizes sustainability and customer care. Costa Rica’s commitment to technology and education ensures a continuous pool of skilled professionals to meet the evolving needs of the aviation industry.

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