Why Partner with Us?


Partnering with us is a smart and efficient choice for outsourcing. With over five decades of experience in the industry, we offer unmatched market, vendor sourcing, and management expertise to our clients. Our process begins with a free 30-minute discovery call, during which we want to learn more about your outsourcing requirements, objectives, and expectations. We will then provide you with our insights and recommendations and offer to source 5-8 BPOs with proven service delivery capabilities for the services you are planning to outsource.

If you are not convinced that our BPOs are far superior in terms of people, processes, technologies, infrastructure, domain expertise, and outcomes, compared to vendors that you might have already found on your own, then you are free to go with the BPO company of your choice. There is no obligation or cost involved. Our key objective is to provide you with the best vendor options available in the market and to equip you with the knowledge in order to make a well-informed outsourcing decision. This makes our service to you an absolute no-brainer.

Our Process
Discovery CallLearn about the client's outsourcing requirements, expectations, and business objectives. Establish a clear understanding of the scope and goals of the project.
Vendor ResearchIdentify 5-8 qualified vendors specializing in the client's industry and required services. Focus on outsourcing providers with deep domain expertise to ensure a strong match.
RFP Development, Submission, Response Review Develop and distribute a Request for Proposal (RFP) to shortlisted vendors. Analyze and compare vendor proposals, considering factors such as scope of services, pricing, and proposed timelines
Initial Assessment/ Shortlisting of Top 3Evaluate each vendor's track record, experience, and capabilities. Assess operational efficiencies, customer experience, and cost-effectiveness.
Vendor Interviews and PresentationsSchedule and conduct interviews with each shortlisted vendor. Request presentations of their service offerings and technology solutions. Assess the vendors' ability to meet the client's specific needs and objectives.
Reference Checks and ValidationConduct reference checks with previous clients of the shortlisted vendors. Verify the vendors' claims and performance metrics.
Contract Negotiation and FinalizationNegotiate the contract terms and conditions with the selected vendor. Ensure that the agreement aligns with the client's objectives and requirements.