Travel Outsourcing

The travel industry faces numerous challenges in today’s fast-paced and highly competitive market. Among these challenges is the need to provide a seamless, personalized customer experience across multiple channels, as customers increasingly book their travel online. Additionally, there is a growing need for more efficient and cost-effective ways to manage large amounts of data and keep up with changing travel regulations.

Outsourcing non-core business functions, such as customer service and data management, can help online travel companies address these challenges by providing access to the latest technology and a highly skilled workforce. This can improve the speed and accuracy of data analysis and enhance customer experience.

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Complaint Handling and Resolution
Travel Insurance Claims Processing
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Ticketing and Fare Auditing
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Case Study Snapshots

Expedia outsourced a portion of its customer service operations to a third-party BPO provider to improve service levels and scalability. The provider helped Expedia to enhance its customer experience by offering 24/7 support and handling a wide range of customer queries and complaints. Additionally, the provider’s expertise in customer service helped to improve overall customer satisfaction for the company.


Skyscanner outsourced its office-based call center operations to a third-party provider to enhance efficiency and customer service. The company reported an increase in customer satisfaction, improved agent productivity, and cost savings as a result of the outsourcing partnership.

Travel Outsourcing Companies

Travel Outsourcing to the Philippines

The Travel industry, focused on customer experience and efficient service, benefits greatly from outsourcing to the Philippines. Filipino professionals excel in providing high-quality customer support, essential for travel companies. They are skilled in handling reservations, customer inquiries, and travel assistance, offering a personalized touch that enhances the traveler’s experience. The Philippines’ strong tourism background gives its workforce a keen understanding of the travel industry, enabling them to provide informed and empathetic service. Additionally, the cost-effectiveness of Filipino outsourcing services helps travel companies manage expenses while maintaining excellent customer relations. Outsourcing to the Philippines allows travel firms to focus on core activities like service improvement and business expansion, confident in the knowledge that their customer service is in capable hands.

Travel Outsourcing to India

India’s role in the travel outsourcing sector is marked by its combination of technological prowess and customer service excellence. Indian professionals are adept at managing a range of travel-related services, from booking and reservation systems to customer support and data management. India’s strength in IT enables the development of advanced travel platforms and applications, enhancing operational efficiency for travel companies. The country’s diverse talent pool, proficient in multiple languages, is well-suited for serving a global customer base. Outsourcing to India provides travel companies with access to cost-effective, innovative solutions, allowing them to streamline operations and focus on strategic growth initiatives. The partnership with Indian outsourcing firms also facilitates the integration of technology in travel services, improving the overall customer journey.


South Africa’s travel outsourcing industry benefits from the country’s rich cultural and natural heritage, making it a compelling destination for travel companies seeking knowledgeable and passionate customer service representatives. With a strong command of English and a favorable time zone for serving European markets, South African outsourcing firms offer a range of services from booking and reservations to travel consulting and customer support. The country’s advanced telecommunications infrastructure and competitive cost structures make it an attractive location for travel businesses looking to enhance service quality while managing expenses. South Africa’s experience in tourism management and hospitality further enriches the outsourcing offerings, providing clients with insights into creating memorable travel experiences.


Mexico’s proximity to the United States and its status as a popular tourist destination make it an ideal choice for travel outsourcing, especially for North American travel companies looking for nearshore solutions. The country offers a bilingual workforce proficient in both Spanish and English, enabling effective communication with a broad customer base. Mexican outsourcing providers specialize in reservation services, travel customer support, and multichannel communication, leveraging the country’s rich tourism industry experience. Additionally, Mexico’s cultural affinity with the United States and its significant tourism infrastructure support the development of high-quality, responsive travel services.


Colombia is rapidly emerging as a favorable destination for travel outsourcing, thanks to its strategic location in the Americas and a significant improvement in safety and tourism infrastructure. The country provides a pool of skilled, bilingual professionals capable of offering comprehensive travel support services, including bookings, customer service, and emergency travel assistance. Colombia’s growing reputation as a travel destination enriches its outsourcing offerings with authentic insights and experiences. The government’s investment in technology and telecommunications infrastructure further enhances Colombia’s capacity to deliver reliable and efficient travel outsourcing services.


The United States, with its vast and diverse travel and tourism sector, is a leader in travel outsourcing, offering unparalleled expertise in customer service, travel management, and technological solutions. U.S.-based outsourcing firms are at the forefront of innovation, providing advanced analytics, AI-powered personalization, and integrated travel platforms that enhance the traveler’s journey. The U.S. market benefits from a highly skilled workforce and a strong focus on customer satisfaction, making it suitable for high-end travel companies seeking to offer a premium service experience. Despite higher operational costs, outsourcing to the U.S. provides access to cutting-edge technology and best practices in travel and hospitality management.


Canada is known for its excellence in travel outsourcing, supported by a highly educated, multilingual workforce and a strong customer service culture. Canadian outsourcing providers offer a wide range of travel services, including reservation management, customer support, and loyalty program administration, benefiting from Canada’s reputable travel and tourism sector. The country’s technological infrastructure and focus on data security make it a reliable partner for travel companies requiring sophisticated IT solutions and privacy-compliant services. Additionally, Canada’s cultural diversity and bilingual language capabilities (English and French) enable it to serve a global clientele effectively.


Australia’s travel outsourcing industry benefits from the country’s strong emphasis on quality and innovation, with Australian firms offering comprehensive services in travel booking, customer engagement, and digital travel solutions. The Australian workforce is known for its excellent communication skills and customer service ethos, making it adept at handling complex travel inquiries and providing personalized travel advice. Australia’s strategic location allows for convenient service coverage across time zones, especially in the Asia-Pacific region, making it an attractive option for companies targeting this market. The country’s advanced technological capabilities and robust regulatory environment ensure high standards of service delivery and data protection in travel outsourcing.


The United Kingdom, with its rich history in travel and a globally connected economy, is a leading destination for travel outsourcing. British firms offer a wide array of services, from traditional travel agency support to innovative travel tech solutions, benefiting from the UK’s advanced digital infrastructure and strong focus on customer experience. The UK’s workforce is highly skilled in travel management, customer service, and multilingual communication, catering to a diverse international client base. The country’s position as a travel hub, coupled with its expertise in financial services and technology, makes it an ideal partner for travel companies seeking to enhance their service offerings and operational efficiency.


The Dominican Republic, with its rich cultural heritage and status as a top Caribbean destination, offers valuable outsourcing opportunities for the travel industry. Specializing in customer service, reservation management, and tourism consultancy, Dominican outsourcing firms capitalize on the country’s extensive tourism experience to provide insightful and warm customer interactions. The bilingual capability of the workforce enhances its appeal to North American and European travel companies seeking to bridge cultural and linguistic gaps. Outsourcing to the Dominican Republic enables travel businesses to leverage local tourism knowledge and hospitality excellence, contributing to superior customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.


Belize, with its burgeoning tourism sector and rich natural and cultural heritage, is carving a niche in travel outsourcing. Belizean firms offer specialized services in eco-tourism and adventure travel planning, leveraging the country’s unique biodiversity and ancient Mayan sites. The workforce’s intimate knowledge of local attractions and commitment to sustainable tourism practices make them ideal for providing authentic and environmentally responsible travel experiences. Additionally, Belize’s multilingual population, proficient in English and Spanish, facilitates effective communication with a broad clientele. Outsourcing to Belize allows travel companies to tap into specialized expertise in creating unforgettable travel experiences, emphasizing the conservation of Belize’s pristine natural environment and rich cultural heritage.


Costa Rica, known for its commitment to sustainability and eco-tourism, presents unique outsourcing advantages for the travel sector. Costa Rican firms specialize in eco-tourism consulting, sustainable travel planning, and customer service that emphasizes environmental consciousness. The country’s reputation as a green travel destination enriches its outsourcing offerings, providing companies with expertise in creating eco-friendly travel experiences. The highly educated, bilingual workforce in Costa Rica is adept at engaging with a global audience, making it an attractive outsourcing destination for travel companies focused on promoting responsible and sustainable tourism practices.

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