Back Office

The back office is the backbone of any organization’s daily operations, consisting of essential administrative and support functions. While these functions are critical, they can be time-consuming, costly, and distracting from a company’s core business. The customer experience (CX) in the back office is just as important as in the front office. Therefore, finding an outsourcing provider in the Philippines or India with the necessary experience, technology, and process expertise to enhance back-office performance and deliver better results than in-house capabilities is crucial. Our back-office solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of your business, aiming to streamline operations and improve productivity. Our providers leverage state-of-the-art technology and proven best practices to optimize your back-office functions, enabling you to stay ahead of the curve.

Back Office Services Overview
Data Entry and Management
Finance and Accounting
Human Resources Management
Payroll Processing
Invoicing and Billing
Order Processing
Refunds & Exchanges
Supply Chain Management
Logistics Management
Procurement and Sourcing
Document Management
Legal Research
Contract Management
IT support and maintenance
Insurance Claims Processing
Quality assurance and compliance
Regulatory reporting and compliance
Market research and analysis
Business intelligence and analytics
Fraud Detection and Mitigation
Credit Risk Management
Data Annotation
Case Study Snapshots

Goldman Sachs has outsourced some of its back-office operations to a reliable outsourcing partner. By doing so, the company has streamlined its processes and reduced operational costs. This partnership has allowed Goldman Sachs to focus on its core business of investment banking, asset management, and securities trading while ensuring that its back-office functions continue to run smoothly and efficiently.


ExxonMobil has engaged an outsourcing company to manage some of its back-office functions, including finance, accounting, and human resources. This partnership has enabled ExxonMobil to optimize its back-office operations and reduce costs while ensuring that the company adheres to industry regulations and standards. Outsourcing back-office functions has allowed ExxonMobil to concentrate on its core business activities, such as oil exploration and production.

Companies Outsourcing Back Office

Back Office - Philippines

The back-office services in the Philippines are characterized by meticulous attention to detail and a dedication to operational excellence. Filipino professionals approach back-office functions not just as routine tasks, but as essential elements that contribute significantly to a business’s overall success. They bring precision and efficiency to tasks like data entry, accounting, and HR operations, ensuring seamless business processes.

This commitment to accuracy and efficiency sets Philippine back-office services apart. Clients benefit from a workforce that takes pride in their work, striving for excellence in every task, no matter the size. This commitment to quality and accuracy makes the Philippines a reliable outsourcing destination for back-office functions, enabling businesses to operate smoothly and effectively.

The Philippine approach to back-office services combines quality with affordability. Their focus on operational excellence, combined with competitive pricing, positions the Philippines as an ideal partner for companies seeking to optimize their internal processes. The Filipino workforce is known for its adaptability, making it capable of handling a diverse range of back-office tasks efficiently. For businesses looking to streamline operations and enhance productivity, the Philippines offers back-office solutions that are both high-quality and cost-effective.

Back Office - India

India’s back-office outsourcing services are a testament to innovation and strategic efficiency. Indian professionals approach back-office tasks with a mindset that goes beyond mere execution; they focus on enhancing productivity and adding strategic value. Their expertise in areas like data analysis, financial services, and administrative functions contributes to making informed business decisions.

This strategic and innovative approach to back-office operations makes India a preferred choice for companies seeking comprehensive solutions. Indian back-office services are characterized by their ability to adapt and innovate, providing clients with solutions that not only streamline operations but also offer valuable insights and improvements.

Clients choose India for back-office outsourcing for its combination of quality, innovation, and cost-effectiveness. Indian professionals are adept at managing a range of back-office functions, employing advanced technologies and methodologies to ensure efficiency and accuracy. Their solutions are not just about managing tasks but about enhancing the overall business process, making India a strategic partner for companies aiming to improve their back-office operations and align them with broader business objectives.

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