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AI and Call Centre in the Philippines

By Grace N / 4 May 2022

As the world moves to an increasingly global economy, with customers now able to buy, work, and live anywhere in the world with the ease of the internet, businesses are scrambling to find cost-saving measures to serve an ever-growing market. It’s no surprise, then, that business process outsourcing, or BPO for short, has seen a massive boom in the last few years – with the COVID-19 pandemic only amplifying its growth. With remote work becoming a normalized option for workers around the globe, many are jumping at the opportunity to have a stable career in BPO – and there’s no better place to start than in the Philippines.

Now global leaders in the BPO industry, call centre companies in the Philippines have seen rapid success in the past decade. The country’s innovative ability to quickly scale the small-scale operation centres into well-oiled machines has captured the interest of many foreign businesses looking for skilled workers. Call centre outsourcing providers in the Philippines often invest in training, better equipment, and more staff to meet and exceed the needs of their clients. And the investment in quality service doesn’t stay in the workplace – BPO companies in the Philippines have started building programs with local universities to train students to join the industry. Students are able to get acquainted with the technology, learn diverse sets of skills to meet the needs of businesses, and understand how to communicate with customers of different cultural backgrounds. Due to the country’s close cultural ties to the United States, workers at BPO companies in the Philippines are easily able to converse with English speakers and understand these cultural nuances. With a skilled, well-educated workforce, strong cultural ties to the US, and the ability to scale easily, it’s easy to see why BPO in the Philippines is booming.

Call centre services in the Philippines have also found a surprising new companion in the workforce – new Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistants, meant to assist businesses with repetitive, laborious work that humans were once tasked with. BPO companies in the Philippines long relied on these tasks to fuel the industry, as skilled workers in the country jumped to the task of providing data entry, customer service, and IT help to businesses all over the world. However, new chatbots and AI software have become increasingly talented at these tasks as well. With these impressive technological advances, it is perhaps natural to wonder whether the advent of AI is a blow to BPO services in the Philippines. But as trends have shown, outsourcing to the Philippines is only growing, with the sector consisting of 7% of the country’s GDP. Rather than trying to compete with the software, BPO in the Philippines is evolving – now focused on higher-level tasks with well-trained and educated employees. Many predict that the industry will shift to more creative work, such as website creation, coding, and graphic design, and BPO companies in the Philippines have already begun to invest in the training and recruitment of new skilled workers.

With the rise of AI technologies, the globalized economy, and the wake of the pandemic, it’s clear that BPO will continue to grow and evolve. Due to the country’s rapid growth, a large workforce of educated, skilled people, and close cultural ties with the West, outsourcing to the Philippines is the right financial move for businesses looking for quality services.

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