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Why Outsourcing Contact Centers to the Philippines is a Sound Business Decision

By Grace N / 4 July 2023

Since its emergence in 1992, the Philippine contact center outsourcing industry has grown well beyond its humble beginnings to become an economic powerhouse for the small island country. 

In a relatively short time, the call center outsourcing business has become one of the world’s fastest-growing and most dynamic business sectors. The Philippines is now the world’s largest and leading call center outsourcing destination and trails only India as the global leader in BPO

This phenomenal growth has been enabled and supported by a well-established track record of outsourcing success. Companies from the US, UAE, Great Britain, Australia, and others invest in outsourcing their contact centers to the Philippines for one major reason: it works as a cost-cutting initiative and a way for businesses to streamline their operations.

The benefits of outsourcing contact centers to the Philippines

Outsourcing companies enjoy savings of 70% in labor costs and 60% in operating costs, improved company efficiency, better employee productivity, and a greatly enhanced customer experience. Outsourcing contact centers to the Philippines also frees up resources for other business needs and allows organizations to expand their operations and reach new markets.

The benefits don’t stop there. Here are some other advantages of outsourcing contact centers to the Philippines.

Cheaper than operating an in-house call center

Running an in-house contact center can be labor and cost-intensive. Large call centers have a 44% turnover rate, so agent recruiting, hiring, and training are constantly needed. Figure in the high costs of facilities, infrastructure, equipment, and maintenance, and operating an in-house contact center can be a money pit. Contact centers in the Philippines absorb these costs for a contract fee that can be less than the costs of setting up an internal system. 

Business expansion

Outsourcing contact center operations frees companies to focus on core business responsibilities. Money saved on labor and operations can be invested into important business-growing initiatives like developing new products, the latest technology, building a social media presence, and research and development. Plus, in-house employees can focus on their specific jobs rather than be stretched thin by attending to secondary back-office tasks.

24/7 availability

Call centers in the Philippines operate 24/7, including holidays and weekends. Filipino agents often work flipped schedules that include evenings and nights instead of the typical 9 am to 5 pm. Round-the-clock availability ensures customers get immediate support whenever they need it, including weekends and holidays. This approach improves the customer experience and provides business continuity and a doubling of business capacity. 

Access to new technology

The better Philippine providers are investing heavily in artificial intelligence and automation as a way to stay competitive and give their foreign clients a better experience and ROI. In this way, outsourcing companies gain access to the latest customer support technology without the expenditure of buying it themselves. For companies in a modern city like Dubai that’s built for business, cutting-edge technology is a must.

Diversified talent pool

The Filipino workforce is widely known for its ability to easily fulfill various roles. Companies can access teams with diversified talents spanning a range of contact center tasks, from data entry, research, help desk support, customer service, marketing, sales, and inbound and outbound sales. This versatility allows Philippine contact centers to quickly change to meet shifting client needs.

Outsourcing contact centers to the Philippines is a sound business investment

The many benefits of outsourcing call centers to the Philippines make it a sound business investment for companies in the UAE and globally. Trusting third-party Philippine providers to manage contact centers and other back-office services allows companies to focus on the business of running a successful and profitable business. That aspect alone makes outsourcing contact centers to the Philippines a sound business investment. 

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