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Call Centers Philippines: What Makes a Good Call Center Office

By Maigne Cantos / 26 March 2018

What are the things that make a good call center office?

  1. A healthy work environment
  2. Fair compensation
  3. Complete equipment
  4. Employees are given importance
  5. An organized structure
  6. Competent people

With the hundreds of call centers in the Philippines, it can be difficult to distinguish which ones are the best—and this particular word could mean many things, from best in terms of income or in terms of employee satisfaction. It is impossible to be the best in everything, so companies aim to be great in all areas.

Due to how large call center offices in the Philippines are, in general, it may be difficult to keep things in check all the time. Sometimes, things go wrong, and there’s nothing that can be done about it. This doesn’t instantly mean that the company or the office is bad—this is normal, and it can be said that how good a company is can be gauged with how it moves forward after.

The better a call center is, the higher the chances that its employees perform more effectively, which is better for the company. There is no single thing that can determine if a particular office is better than all others—there are, however, factors that make an office good, which you will be reading about here:

A Healthy Environment

Employees spend most of their hours in the office. A home is called home because it provides a sense of comfort and belonging, and a good office should be able to emulate that.

An office with a toxic environment is likely going to cause a loss of morale among its employees. The work alone can be stressful—if the vibe in the workplace is negative as well, then the hours that the employees spend in the office will be much more taxing.

Fair Compensation

The more knowledge and effort required to perform the job properly, the better the compensation packages should be. Giving an employee any less than what he knows he deserves is a surefire way to make him lose interest in the job.

Sure, money isn’t everything a job has to offer. There’s the career, the experience, and other things that help employees develop as both professionals and individuals. However, they are people, and therefore have needs. Money and benefits may not be everything, but they sure are essential to a good company.

Complete Equipment

You can take the best graphic designer in the world and show him some designs, but the chances are, if you give him a computer without a mouse or with severely outdated specs, he will have a really hard time pulling it off.

In any kind of work, knowledge, and skills are central to success, but that doesn’t mean that the tools aren’t important. This is especially true in the call center industry, as a lack of equipment can result in delayed or lost information, among other things. The top call center offices give importance to equipment because they know that these greatly augment the impressive capabilities of their agents and aid in their success.

Employees are Given Importance 

Nothing feels worse than being given no attention when you’re raising your concerns. This particular feeling is a heavy blow to an employee’s morale and is a common cause of resignations.

A good call center acknowledges that every single employee is needed, and thus gives importance to what they feel and have to say. Their feelings are respected, their ideas are considered, and they are always comfortable to speak up whenever they feel the need to.

An Organized Structure

If an office is composed of people who work however they want to and don’t know how to answer, then it will be more or less chaotic. There’s a reason why companies have organizational charts, and that is because every person must know their role and how they fit in with the other employees.

Even if a call center had an A-list employee among their ranks, things wouldn’t work out well if that employee doesn’t have a workflow to follow or a supervisor to guide him. Organizational charts continue to exist for a reason: they work.

Competent People

Competent People2


There’s no point in having plenty of employees if they aren’t effective and efficient on the job. Good call centers aren’t made up of employees who have the constant need to ask for help and are afraid to discover things on their own.

Before hiring an employee, a call center must make sure that the employee can do more than an “okay” job—the employee must be a perfect fit to the company, or at the very least, has the potential to be. The top call centers in the Philippines know just what to look for in applicants, and there are very rare instances when their employees fail to reach their standards.

Key Takeaway

A lot of things make a call center office good—employees must be able to perform their job without being too stressed in the environment, and everyone must know exactly what they have to do. When employees have everything they need to do their job properly and they know that the company values them, success is guaranteed for them and the office as a whole.

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