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Training Methods That Would Make Great Philippine Call Center Agents

Training Methods That Would Make Great Philippine Call Center Agents

What are the best training methods for call center agents?

  1. Personalized Training
  2. Using Real-life Scenarios
  3. Games and Peer Training
  4. Online and Digital Learning Resources
  5. Recording Calls
  6. Progressive Training

The BPO industry is one of the largest industries in the Philippines, with numerous Philippine Call Centers present in the country. It is one of the largest job providers in the country, and is an essential element in the operations and services of various businesses locally and internationally.

Call center agents are at the forefront of this industry, and their skills in communication allow them to help various clients, and make sure that businesses are able to run smoothly. Training is a very important part of the Philippine call center industry, as it is important to be able to provide agents with the right skills that would enable them to perform well. There are many methods that are effective and efficient, and can help them develop better skills.

If you are wondering what training methods work best, then go ahead and read them below.


Personalized training

When it comes to training new call center agents, it is important to know more about their background, and the skills and knowledge they might know already. This would help you gauge the amount of training that is needed for them, and see what are the things that they would need to learn.

Essentially, this would help make training smoother, and become more cost and time-efficient, as you are not training everyone from the ground up, which means they would be able to get some of the more skilled applicants to begin working earlier.


Use Real-life scenarios

Philippine call center agents regularly interact with a wide variety of clients on a daily basis, which means one of the most effective training methods you can do is to create real-life scenarios that trainees might encounter while they’re working. For example, if you have a client looking for information about a BPO in Cebu, and if the client is in an impatient mood. These types of scenarios help give trainees an idea on how different clients would act, so they would know how to respond properly, and find solutions to different questions and inquiries.

Use games and peer training

Use games and peer training

One of the most effective ways you can teach and demonstrate the different skills and knowledge needed to become an effective Philippine call center agent is by using games that are fun and interactive. This helps remove the pressure and seriousness of training, and help lighten up the mood so that the trainees would be comfortable with their environment. Some of these games can be done by a team or by just one person, with the main goal of applying various work skills.

Peer training is also an effective method, as trainees would be taught by the more experienced agents and see first-hand how things are being done at work. This would help them get on their feet much faster, and become more comfortable with their work environment, as they would be able to socialize and interact with their peers.


Give them access to learning resources

Trainees not only require hands-on training when they work, but they also need learning resources that they can access during their free time. This helps them have a more flexible training schedule, and help them learn more and practice their new skills and knowledge on the fly.

These learning resources can be in the form of books and online sources, such as digital files and videos. The best part about these resources is that they would be able to access them anytime, which can help them develop and refine their skills. With online training being a big part of numerous businesses, it is best to have online lessons and videos in the Philippine call center setting.


Let trainees record their calls

Call center agents must have a mode of delivery that is calm, cooperative, and encouraging, and the best way to refine their delivery of speech is by letting them record their calls. This would help them see what are the things that they need to improve, such as their language and tone. This is an effective method that is used by athletes, actors, and musicians as a way of practicing and refining their performances, and the method is totally applicable with Philippine call center agents.

Practice progressive training

Practice progressive training

One of the best ways your trainees and employees can become better call center agents is by giving them training sessions even after their initial training has already been accomplished. Every now and then, new practices and skills are being introduced into the workplace, which help make some routines and tasks much more efficient. Having a progressive and forward-thinking workplace would do a lot of wonders, and ensure that your business would go well.


Key Takeaway

The Philippine call center is a workplace that is very active and busy, and training for it is a task that requires a lot of time and effort. By implementing these effective training methods, you are guaranteed that your call center agents would be some of the best at what they do.