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Things You Should Never Do in a Call Center Environment

Things You Should Never Do in a Call Center Environment

What should never be done in a Call Center Environment?

1. Relying ONLY in the script

2. Giving one-worded answers

3. State that you’re new to the job

4. Saying that you don’t know how to deal with the issue at hand

5. Losing your patience


Call Center Services in the Philippines have undergone massive evolutions throughout the years. With numerous companies catering to various clients across the entirety of the Globe, it’s no surprise that the BPO industry is one of the most sought-out industries for one to work for and hone their skills.

In the Philippines, being a call center agent for any company can bring you a lot of benefits. Standard benefits such as insurance and financial aids aside, working in the industry can help generate massive profit for the agents, especially fresh grads and students alike. Not only that, they even have a variety of offices that are sure to cater to any employee’s recreational and leisure needs. With that said, while you ensure good relations with your client and help generate revenue for your company, the company will make sure to take care of you in return.

However, like many other things in any occupation of any industry or field, these privileges given to you should not be taken advantage of. The minute you stray from the path of success, righteousness, or just plain common sense, you might just find yourself having the dreaded talk with your employer about your stay in the company. In every field you choose to work in, there is always a list of do’s and don’ts to abide to. In this case, the latter will be the main highlight of what you’re about to read.

If you’re looking to work in the BPO industry in the future, or are looking to improve yourself as an agent by rectifying some things about yourself, you may want to give this piece a read. In order to avoid any sanction against you, here are some things that should never be done in any call center environment:

Relying ONLY on the Script

1.    Relying ONLY on the Script

When you begin your first day as a customer support representative, you’re usually given a script for you to practice and use for reference. These scripts help you provide an appropriate response to whatever conflict your client may come across, which in turn helps you give a solution to resolve the problem. Normally, once you’ve gotten the hang of the nature of your work, you put the script down or you just glance upon it every once in a while, when you hit a slip of the tongue.

However, there are some agents, who completely rely on the script, which in turn brings in complaints from clients about their agents sounding a bit robotic with their responses. If you wish to avoid being reprimanded by your client and supervisor, take the opportunity during your stay in the company to learn the ropes over and over again. Even though you may be a seasoned agent in the company, changes can still happen so it’d be great to get with the times if ever anything happens.

Giving one-worded Answers

2.    Giving one-worded Answers

As a call center agent, it’s expected of you to deliver the best resolutions using the right set of words and tone. When a customer hears a response delivered in just one word like ‘yes’, ‘no,’ or ‘maybe,’ it can give the impression of you being a nonchalant and uncaring agent.

It is of utmost importance that you deliver your response and resolution using the best of your command of the English language. The more appropriate your response is, the more chances you’ll get in getting that promotion you’ve always wanted.

State that you’re New

3.    State that you’re New

Most of the time, people would understand if you’re new to the job. However, this group does not include your customers. The moment you utter the phrase, “sorry I’m new here” to your customer over the phone, you can expect for them to ask for their call to be transferred to an agent with more experience.

If you’re indeed new to the job, giving your best to render your services to your customers and your company is still of utmost significance; if you must, you got to “fake it until you make it.” That way, the clientele won’t see you as someone, who’s untrustworthy and a potential hindrance to getting the job done.

4.    Stating that you have NO KNOWLEDGE of the issue at hand

4.    Stating that you have NO KNOWLEDGE of the issue at hand

Unless the issue at hand isn’t in your zone of specialty, there should be no reason for you to utter the phrase to your customer: “sorry I have no Idea how to take care of this.” If ever this happens, expect to be out the door in a heartbeat.

The best thing to do during a call that you have no idea how to resolve is to ask your other coworkers’ help. Both (or all) of you could work together in order to resolve the issue. By doing so, you are not only learning new things, but you also get to test your team work!

5.    Losing your Patience

5.    Losing your Patience

Out of everything that you’ve just read, this may just be the most important rule of all. During your stay in your line of work, and the duration of your shift, there are bound to be customers that prove to be irate and difficult to deal with. While they can get on your nerves, it’s important that you never let it show, especially when it comes to retaliating.

If ever this scenario happens, do your best not to let your anger get the best of you. Be assertive without the use of agitation and focus on getting the resolution for the conflict in place. That way, both you and your customer end on a happy note.

Key Takeaway

The things you’ve read above are the practices you should totally avoid, if you are working in a call center. Doing such things will probably result with your bosses kicking you out of the company, which for sure you don’t want to happen.