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Providing Solutions To Various Business Needs

The rising costs of managing contact centers in developed countries have led many international businesses, including top Fortune 500 companies, to outsource their contact center operations overseas where costs are significantly lower.

Given the low cost structure of the Philippines, many of these companies have chosen offshore contact center outsourcing agencies in the Philippines to take over some of their important business processes. While offshore outsourcing is an effective method of reducing costs, the benefits of working with contact centers in the Philippines go beyond cost-savings.

By choosing competent contact centers in the Philippines, businesses are able to focus on other mission-critical business processes with the assurance that a highly qualified team of contact center professionals is managing their contact center operations.

Offshore BPO services in the Philippines handle staff recruitment and training, provides regular coaching, and implements monitoring and improvement of the level of customer service in all accounts.

One contact center provider in the Philippines normally handles multiple client accounts to perform various business processes. They utilize state-of-the-art technology that can easily accommodate the demands of a contact center. BPO companies consist of college-educated and well-trained contact center representatives who have passed rigorous screening processes.

Each contact center agent belongs to a team assigned to a specific account. Depending on the requirement of the account, there may one or multiple teams assigned to an account with each team receiving supervision from a team leader. Offshore contact centers in the Philippines also has coaches or mentors; teams of quality assurance officers and supervisors; and IT staff.

Contact Center Solutions

Offshore BPO companies offers a wide range of contact center solutions, some of which are the following:

Customer Service/Customer Care

Offshore contact center in the Philippines help businesses improve their customer experience whether customer interactions is through voice (inbound or outbound calls), e-mail or live chat. Regardless of the method of communication, offshore contact centers keeps their focus on customer satisfaction and exceeding performance and service metrics.

Business clients have recognized this commitment as evident in the growing number of customer care and customer service accounts that offshore contact center providers has received.

Some of the customer care tasks that a call center provider handle include: general customer inquiries, order processing, order returns, applications processing, account activation, billing inquiries, address changes, delivery updates, issue resolutions, payment processing, reservations and other customer services support.

Technical Support

BPOs in the Philippines handle diverse types of technical support calls for different companies in different areas of business. BPO companies in the Philippines have staff that is highly skilled and trained to respond to different needs of customers from installation to troubleshooting and other technical issues. Contact center typically train their technical support agents to be able to resolve issues at the first call of the customer while maintaining quality of service quality.

Some of the tasks in the technical support area are installation or removal, troubleshooting of hardware and software, installation of operating system, program compatibility, functional support, computer protection support, hardware warranty support, parts replacement and repair processing, among others.

Directory Assistance

There are also a good number of call centers in the Philippines that offer telephone-based and Web-based directory assistance services to customers overseas.


Many contact centers handle both inbound and outbound sales calls. Sales agents master the skills of cross-selling and up-selling with the goal of increasing client’s average order value.

Market Research

Numerous offshore contact centers in the country provide critical information gathering services to benefit clients across industries from IT to real estate. Some of the tasks involved in marketing research include contact information gathering or lead generation, securing e-mail opt-ins, and conducting surveys.

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