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The Different Types of Accounts to Handle in the BPO Industry

The Different Types of Accounts to Handle in the Industry

What are the Different Accounts to Handle in the Call Center Industry?

1. Email/Chat Support

2. Travel Account

3. Tech Support

4. Healthcare

5. Banking


There’s no doubt that every industry in the metro has evolved over the years. More and more people are presented with opportunities to make a stable living for themselves; and with numerous lines of work, especially call centers in the Philippines; you can never go wrong with any industry, especially BPO.

In the BPO industry, there’s a lot of things you can do to make a living. Aside from providing over-the-phone assistance 24/7, there are also other platforms for you to handle such as email and chat support. When working in the BPO industry, the clientele you receive – both local and international – can give you a wide array of accounts to handle for your line of work.

The goal for any account you handle is simply to provide the best assistance you can. In any business, a lot of things can go wrong and it’s up to you, as the agent, to get the job done. If you’re looking to lengthen your line of experience, then BPO might just be the work that suits you.

However, if you’re wondering what kind of scope you’re going to handle, be aware that once you enter call center work, the job that can come your way can take any form. For your enlightenment, here are some of the accounts you may have to handle as an agent:

Email/Chat Support

Email/Chat Support

This type of account is one of the most unique ones to handle. Why? Because it doesn’t involve the use of your voice when doing so.

This account focuses on agents providing assistance over email and chat – two platforms with the same line of communication. When any of your clients encounter any problem with whatever they have, expect to get a message from them anytime soon.

Also, what makes this non-voice account great is that, unlike phone support, you can give yourself time to resolve any issue at hand in your own words. Just make sure that when you do so, the solution you provide is adequate enough for your customer’s satisfaction.

Travel Account

Travel Account

This account aims to help those in need of assistance in the midst of travel. This includes reservations ranging from hotel to air fare, transportation accommodations, and others that would need an extra hand. In order to prepare for this, what you’ll need to do is to familiarize yourself with the latest updates on the travel industry. By doing this, you won’t have to worry about anything should this account is handed to you.

Tech Support

Tech Support

This account is one of the most common ones that agents handle. In the world of technology, there are a lot of things that can go wrong, ranging from errors such as troubleshooting, internet connectivity, and crashing.

When handling this account, one must have a know-how when it comes to computers: how to use them, maintain them, and repair them. The best way to prepare for this account is to get a quick brush-up on the concept of computers. Or, quicker yet, understand how the internet works. In turn, you’ll be able to provide assistance to any client of this caliber.



When it comes to medicine, it’s important for practitioners of the field to be able to respond to the utmost emergencies that can plague anyone. Luckily, for this account, every agent handling this line of work can greatly contribute to the world of medicine and science.

To better prepare for this account, you’ll need to be able to have ample knowledge on the medicinal field. That way, if needed, you’ll be able to provide consultation to any patient in need of assistance. Also, in this account, you’re going to have to provide emergency responses depending on the situation at hand.



As the world turns its course, so does the financial needs of every working individual in the country. If one wishes to save money for the future, banks are the places to go and trust. But what happens if one’s financial problems are encountered? That’s where this account comes into play.

This line of work should ensure the security of one’s personal bank details, ranging from their net incomes to their transactions via ATM withdrawals and credit cards. When handling this account, customers can contact you for consultation and assistance; and if anything bad were to happen, it will be your job to give your absolute best to resolve the matter at hand.

Also, when one of your clients has garnered a certain amount of debt, you’ll have to be the one who informs them of the situation. That way, you’ll be able to help them sort out the case directly.

Key Takeaway

With a vast number of clientele available for you to cater to, the lines of work that can come your way can be just as huge in quantity. Though there are other accounts you can handle, preparing for these is a great step in preparing for the BPO industry as a whole.