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10 Ways on How Working in a Philippine Call Center Can Change You

By Maigne Cantos / 21 February 2018

How can working in a call center change you?

  1. You’ll learn to be more patient.
  2. You’ll know how to stay calm.
  3. You’ll take rejections better than most.
  4. You can properly manage expectations.
  5. You’ll know when to talk and when to listen.
  6. You’ll be aware of how powerful tone of voice can be.
  7. You’ll have amazing stunning and interpersonal skills.
  8. You’ll be an exceptional problem solver.
  9. You’ll know the importance of taking a break.
  10. You can balance your time properly.

Working in a Philippine call center can be a life-changing experience for many. The daily routine of work, especially when done for months—or years, even—can impart you with values and relevant experience that you might not have gotten elsewhere.

Whether you’re just starting out in a call center in Makati or you’re interested in plunging into this industry, read through the rest of the blog to know the 10 ways on how working in a Philippine call center can alter you.

1. You’ll Learn to Be More Patient



An enduring trait that several people might associate with call center agents is patience. And for a good reason. After all, you receive a barrage of calls on a daily basis. And while some customers are lovely and pleasant to converse with, there are others who might not be so genial.

Furthermore, there might be customers who inquire you about the most trivial or most apparent things—which might cause normal people to smack their heads with their palms.

Not so with call center agents. Whatever the nature of the call might be, it’s your duty to answer them as well as you can.

2. You’ll Know How to Stay Calm


As mentioned earlier, not all customers might be so amiable on the phone. And while most people would already splutter out in rage, call center agents can still exercise the utmost calm—even when dealing with the most irate customer.

3. You’ll Take Rejections Better than Most


Most call center companies also have something to do with sales. And dabbling with sales will mean knowing how to endure rejections.

There might be times when you won’t be able to sell a lot of services or products. Instead of letting this dampen your enthusiasm, however, it should serve as a motivation for you to work even harder.

4. You Can Properly Manage Expectations

Knowing how to properly manage expectations is a vital thing for you to learn. After all, not every customer problem has an immediate solution. And as a call center agent, it’s your job to impart this sense of realism to your customers—such as having them understand that it might take a month for their issue to be resolved, not days.

5. You’ll Know When to Talk and When to Listen



After answering one call after another, it’s hardly astonishing that call centers are impeccable listeners.

They know the most appropriate thing to say at certain times, even if it’s a simple um or ahh.

Plus, if you’ve worked in a Philippine call center long enough, then chances are that you’ve already mastered this intricate art of talking and listening (in the most suitable times).

6. You’ll Be Aware of How Powerful Tone of Voice Can Be


It can sometimes be difficult to discern emotions in a call. But working in a call center will eventually help you get used to determining the overall mood of the person on the other end of the line—only from judging the tone of voice.

More than that, call center agents do not merely know what to say, they also know how they’re supposed to say it. They’ll certainly be able to deliver whatever message they want to get across.

7. You’ll Have Stunning Interpersonal Skills

Call center agents are excellent in building rapport and trust with their customers. The nature of their work also necessitates them to be adept at establishing connections with people.

8. You’ll Be an Exceptional Problem Solver

problem solving

Problem-solving is a pivotal skill to have in this industry. There will be an endless string of customers calling you, most of them seeking solutions to their dilemmas.

After getting accustomed to troubleshooting, you’re guaranteed to be an excellent problem solver in no time.

9. You’ll Know and Learn the Importance of Taking a Break

taking a break

Working in a call center, like many other jobs, can be stressful at times.

During these instances, it’s essential that you take a breather and veer away from anything work-related. You can spend your time with your loved ones or indulging in your hobby.

10. You Can Properly Balance Your Time

Correctly managing your time is a skill that not everyone has. Additionally, it isn’t something that you acquire instantly—it requires the proper mindset and a lot of getting used to.

When you work in a call center in Makati—or in any Philippine call center—however, the work you’re exposed to will eventually teach you how to have a better grasp of your time.


Key Takeaway

Working in a Philippine call center, like many other jobs, can be stressful at times. However, it can also be an avenue for you to take in myriads of values and experience— the majority of which can be life-changing and help you become a better person.

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