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The Philippines: A Strategic Location for Call Center Operations

By Grace N / 20 January 2020

The Philippines has become a popular location for call center operations due to a number of factors including its strategic location, large pool of English-speaking and skilled workforce, and a pro-business environment.

One of the main advantages of the Philippines as a location for call center operations is its strategic location. The Philippines is situated in the Asia-Pacific region, making it in the same time zone as many of the world’s major business centers such as Singapore, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. This makes it easy for companies to communicate with their Filipino employees and enables them to take advantage of the Philippines’ night shift to provide 24-hour customer support. This is a major benefit for companies looking to outsource their call center operations as it allows them to provide uninterrupted customer service to their clients.

Another advantage of the Philippines is its large pool of English-speaking and skilled workforce. The Philippines has a population of over 100 million people, and a significant portion of the population is fluent in English, making it a desirable location for companies looking to outsource their call center operations. The country also has a strong education system, which has produced a large number of graduates in fields such as engineering, computer science, and information technology. This has resulted in a large pool of highly skilled workers who are able to perform a wide range of tasks, from basic customer support to more complex technical support.

The Philippines also has a pro-business environment, with government policies that are designed to encourage foreign investment and support the growth of the call center industry. The government has established a number of economic zones and special economic zones, which offer tax incentives and other benefits to companies that operate within them. The government has also established a number of institutions and programs to support the development of the call center industry, such as the IT and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP).

The cost of labor in the Philippines is significantly lower than in many other countries, which enables companies to save money on wages and benefits. The cost of living in the Philippines is also lower than in many other countries, which means that companies can save money on things such as rent and utilities. This makes the Philippines an attractive destination for call center operations, as it offers a cost-effective solution for companies looking to outsource their call center operations.

The Philippines is a strategic location for call center operations due to its strategic location, large pool of English-speaking and skilled workforce, pro-business environment, and cost-effectiveness. These advantages have made the Philippines a popular destination for call center operations, and the country is expected to to grow in the future as more and more companies recognize the benefits of outsourcing to the Philippines. With its strategic location, skilled workforce, and pro-business environment, the Philippines is well-positioned to continue to be a competitive destination in the call center industry.

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