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Revolutionary Customer Service Innovations Worth Your Time

By Maigne Cantos / 29 March 2019

What customer service efforts should you make use of?

  1. Customer service transparency
  2. Always being there for the customer
  3. Self-service protocols
  4. Leverage social media


As time passes by, different companies such as Philippine call centers, family restaurants, or giant corporations are slowly stagnating in terms of customer service. This is because they are not proactive in looking for ways in which they can improve how they do things, most especially in the customer service department.

One thing that many businesses don’t understand is that the quality of customer service is at the core of how your customers perceive you. It can be treated as a mirror, a facet that callers and customers use to get a glimpse of the inner workings of the company. If the service is mediocre at best, then the customers will assume that the rest of the company is like that. However, if the whole customer experience is excellent, that will leave a mark on your customer — which they will eventually share with others.

It is indeed mind boggling how important customer service still is, even with the digitization of many crucial work processes. This just means that people still prefer the services that are provided by excellent customer representatives rather than automation systems found in most companies. To further supplement this point, here are some of the most interesting and effective innovations that have been done in order to enhance customer service!


Customer Service Transparency

Customer Service Transparency

In most companies, the data-related to customer service will always be treated as confidential information. These data should only be seen by the higher-ups and the data analysts in the company. Remember, data is the digital world’s currency. The more you know, the greater your influence.

But 37signals, which is now known as Basecamp, leveraged this data and made it public. The goal was not to show off amazing statistics but to show that they were confident enough in their customer support that they’re willing to showcase how their recent pictures rated their experience.

With this being said, not only does these help customers make decisions and solidify their perception of the company, but they also create a sense of reaffirmation for their already existing customers.


Always Being there for the Customer

This is already a norm when it comes to most customer service-focused companies. But keep in mind that being just one call away doesn’t necessarily you’re always there. Think of it this way. the faster you respond when a customer suddenly has a problem, the better your customer service.

This means that if they still have to call you using their phones when their problem is directly seen on their laptop, there’s still a few steps before you are contacted.

However, if they were able to directly contact you the moment they find a problem through their website or their software, won’t that be much more convenient? With this level of customer service, your customers are literally one click away from being able to contact your customer service team.


Offer Self-Service Protocols

Offer Self-Service Protocols

One downside of customer service calls is that it will always be limited by the number of representatives that you have. Often when site traffic and phone lines become clogged with many customers, you won’t have any power to fix it.

That’s why it’s important to have a channel that lets them do the solving themselves. This is only viable for problems that are predictable and easy to solve — problems that don’t need experts to fix.

In doing so, you provide them relevant information — in the guise of a simple guide to help them fix their problems on their own.


Leverage Social Media

Nothing much has changed when it comes to the use of social media. People are still willing as ever to share their thoughts and opinions on the internet as they have before. This means that social media is still an amazing platform to host your customer service efforts.

The cool thing now is that people love it when customer support is not just helpful, but also fairly relevant and entertaining with how they handle the account. It may not look as professional as other means of customer service, but social media is a great means in which you can gain followers and potentially new customers.

Be careful, however, because nowadays, social media has become very unsafe — especially with all the cybercrimes like hacking that happen. That being said, social media, when used correctly and secured properly, will still remain as a powerful tool for customer service.


Key Takeaway

Customer service is and will remain as one of the most crucial front liners of every business. They are the people that respond to complaints, concerns, and inquiries — in essence, they’re the most frequented customer interaction portal apart from the sales and marketing team.

Making sure that the customer service that you provide is of high-quality is still a significant objective that every Philippine call center should set. Today, they are already at the top of the BPO industry, and when they continue this trend, they will remain at the top for years to come.

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