Publishing firms face a host of challenges in the fast-paced and competitive market of today. To keep up with shifting customer expectations and manage rising costs, many publishing companies are exploring ways to handle non-essential tasks. By outsourcing these tasks to domestic or international service providers, these firms can stay nimble and competitive. Furthermore, it allows these companies to access expert knowledge and state-of-the-art technology, ensuring they can consistently deliver high-quality content. Lastly, outsourcing enables these firms to concentrate on their main tasks, like content creation and marketing, driving growth and customer engagement.

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Hachette Book Group partnered with a BPO provider for its order processing and customer service operations. This outsourcing allowed Hachette to focus on expanding its publishing portfolio and improving distribution channels. The contact center streamlined order processing, enhancing efficiency and accuracy. They also improved customer support quality, leading to increased satisfaction among authors, retailers, and readers.


The Guardian outsourced its subscription management and customer support operations to a BPO partner. This enabled The Guardian to focus on creating quality content and expanding its digital presence. The BPO provider proficiently managed subscriptions and provided exceptional customer support, resulting in increased subscriber retention and satisfaction.

Publishing Companies Outsourcing

Publishing Outsourcing to the Philippines

The Publishing industry benefits from outsourcing to the Philippines through services like content editing, proofreading, and customer support. Filipino professionals, with their strong command of English and attention to detail, are ideal for editorial tasks, ensuring high-quality content. Their skills in graphic design and layout are also valuable for the visual aspects of publishing. The Philippines’ workforce is adept at handling customer inquiries and subscription management, providing comprehensive support to publishing houses. Outsourcing to this nation allows publishing companies to maintain content quality, manage production costs, and focus on content creation and marketing strategies.

Publishing Outsourcing to India

India plays a significant role in the Publishing sector’s outsourcing, offering a range of services from content development to digital publishing solutions. Indian professionals are skilled in areas like content writing, graphic design, and e-book formatting. Their expertise in software and technology is crucial for transitioning to digital publishing platforms, a growing trend in the industry. India’s scalable and cost-effective services enable publishing companies to optimize their operations and embrace digital transformation, helping them reach a wider audience and adapt to changing reader preferences.

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