The Proptech industry faces a myriad of challenges as it disrupts and transforms the real estate sector. These challenges include integrating new technologies, managing vast amounts of data, and providing seamless customer experiences. Additionally, Proptech companies must navigate a fluctuating regulatory landscape and ensure the security and privacy of sensitive data, while remaining cost-effective in a highly competitive market. Outsourcing customer service, data management, and compliance operations allows Proptech companies to access specialized expertise and cutting-edge technology, enabling them to deliver exceptional customer experiences, efficiently manage data, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Front Office
Customer Service and Support
Sales and Lead Generation
Property Inquiries and Scheduling
Tenant and Buyer Screening
Virtual Property Tours and Showings
Lease and Contract Management
Maintenance Request Management
Technical Support & Troubleshooting
Complaint Handling and Resolution
Insurance Claims Processing
Back Office
Data Entry and Analysis
Property Listing Management
Accounting and Finance
Vendor and Supplier Management
Document Processing and Verification
Regulatory Compliance
Fraud Detection & Mitigation
Market Research and Analysis
Property Valuation Support
Quality Assurance and Performance Monitoring
Human Resources and Payroll Services
Case Study Snapshots

RealPage collaborated with a BPO provider to scale customer support, lower operational costs, enhance technical expertise, and streamline their business processes. The partnership allowed RealPage to handle increased inquiry volume, resolve client issues more effectively, improve overall customer satisfaction, and grow their market share.


Matterport outsourced data annotation, processing tasks, customer support, and back-office functions to a BPO provider, enabling them to focus on core product development, innovation, and expanding their service offerings. The partnership improved turnaround times, maintained high data quality standards, provided efficient customer service, and supported Matterport’s rapid growth.

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