Life sciences

Life sciences companies operate in a complex environment characterized by strict regulations, technological advancements, and the need for specialized knowledge. By delegating non-core tasks to service providers, these firms can focus on their primary mission – advancing the understanding of biological processes and improving human health. Outsourcing grants access to a skilled workforce, advanced technologies, and industry-specific expertise, fostering innovation, cost-effectiveness, and agility in responding to industry trends and regulatory changes.

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Case Study Snapshots

Johnson & Johnson outsourced its back-office operations to a specialized BPO provider, aiming to streamline processes and cut costs. The outsourced functions included finance & accounting, data management, and regulatory compliance support, allowing Johnson & Johnson to concentrate on core business activities and enhancing operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


Novartis sought to optimize its customer service operations to enhance customer satisfaction and retention. By partnering with a BPO firm, Novartis was able to access skilled personnel and advanced technology. The outsourced functions included customer service, technical support, and medical information support. This allowed Novartis to focus on their primary mission, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and business performance.

Life sciences Companies Outsourcing
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