As the insurtech industry continues to develop and innovate, it faces several challenges, such as adapting to the digitalization of the insurance market, which is transforming how customers interact with and purchase insurance products. Additionally, there is a growing need for more efficient and cost-effective ways to manage customer data and claims processes.

Outsourcing specific operations, such as digital customer service and claims management, can help insurtech companies address these challenges by providing access to advanced technology and skilled professionals, allowing them to improve customer experience and streamline their operations.

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PolicyPal decided to outsource their customer support in order to improve their service levels and scalability. The BPO provider handled a wide range of customer support functions, including policy inquiries, claims support, and general support inquiries. This allowed PolicyPal to focus on its core competencies of insurance and technology. The outsourcing initiative helped PolicyPal to improve its customer experience and satisfaction and also helped them to scale its operations more efficiently. Additionally, the provider’s expertise in compliance and security helped PolicyPal to mitigate potential risks and maintain regulatory compliance. Overall, the outsourcing initiative helped PolicyPal to improve its customer experience and support the rapid growth of its business.


Lemonade outsourced its customer service operations to focus on its core competencies and continue to scale its business. They partnered with a remote call center provider to handle customer inquiries and claims processing. This allowed Lemonade to improve its response time and resolve customer issues more efficiently, leading to a boost in customer satisfaction and retention rates. Additionally, the outsourcing provider was able to provide 24/7 coverage, allowing Lemonade to offer round-the-clock support to its customers. The partnership with the remote call center provider proved to be a strategic move for Lemonade, as it allowed them to continue to grow their business while providing exceptional customer service.

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