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Facts that make the Philippines a Globally Leading BPO Destination

By Grace N / 14 September 2022

The Philippines has become a major player in the global business process outsourcing (BPO) industry in recent years, and there are several key competitive advantages that have contributed to its success.

One of the main advantages of the Philippine BPO industry is its highly skilled and educated workforce. The country has a high literacy rate and a strong education system, which has produced a large pool of highly skilled workers in fields such as IT, engineering, and finance. This has made the Southeast Asian nation an attractive destination for companies looking to outsource technical or specialized work.

Another advantage of the Philippine BPO industry is its strong English proficiency. The Philippines was a former colony of the United States and English is widely spoken and taught in schools. This has made it easier for Western companies to communicate with their outsourced teams in the Philippines.

The cost of labor is also a major competitive advantage for the BPO industry. In general, wages in the Philippines are 60% lower than in many developed countries, which allows companies to reduce their operating expenses by outsourcing to the Philippines.

In addition to these economic advantages, the nation also has a strong work ethic and a culture that is more compatible with Western countries than some other countries in the region. Filipino workers are known for their dedication and commitment to their jobs, which can lead to higher productivity and lower turnover rates.

The country also has a stable political environment and strong infrastructure, which makes it an attractive location for businesses looking to outsource. The government has also made efforts to support and promote the BPO industry, including through the development of special economic zones and tax incentives.

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