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Christmas in a Philippine Call Center: Tips to Make Your Party More Enjoyable

By Maigne Cantos / 3 December 2017

What tips should you follow to make your Christmas party more enjoyable?

  1. Plan your party early
  2. Have a themed Christmas party
  3. Designate the main activity
  4. Play some Christmas games
  5. Have some clean fun
  6. Donate or give back to charities


Throwing a party during the holiday season is a tradition among the workplaces in the Philippines. Whether you are in a call center service or in any other industry, it is almost certain that your office is preparing for a Christmas party. Unfortunately, some employees dread going to one due to numerous reasons. But this doesn’t have to be the case this year.

You and your team could totally plan your own party that you will definitely enjoy. No one has to play the Grinch this year. All you have to do is follow these tips:

Plan Your Party Early

Plan Your Party Early

Planning your Christmas party early is important to ensure its success. The first thing you have to do is to schedule it on a day when everyone in your team is free. This is important because you wouldn’t want to leave someone out of your celebrations.

You should definitely do this weeks before you plan to have the party to smooth the details out. Keep in mind that some of your team members could be on their vacation leave. In which case, the rest of your team should be respectful of that.


Have a Themed Christmas Party

Having a theme can bring your team on board for the party. It could easily get one excited to be part of the planning and, eventually, the celebration. You could be lavish and throw a costume party. Dress up as Santa Claus and urge the rest of your team to dress as his elves.

But it does not have to be this way if you don’t want it to. It could just be really simple like having all of you wear Santa hats or reindeer ears. And if the idea of wearing a costume is still not appealing to you, then you could just have everyone wear the same color of a shirt – like red or green for Christmas.

This decision is completely up to you!

Designate a Main Activity

Designate the Main Activity

Aside from having a theme, your team could also plan on having just one main activity for the whole party. It could be anything from eating at a buffet, going bowling, going to a theme park, participating in a locked room challenge, watching a movie, to having a karaoke contest. You could also go bar hopping if you work in a call center in Makati or other similarly bustling location.

Your Christmas gathering does not have to be fully packed in order for it to be enjoyable. You could just concentrate on one activity which all of you will enjoy best.


Play Some Games

If your group enjoys playing games, then you should definitely prepare some Christmas-themed ones for your party. There are many games for you to choose from, some of which include:

  • Guessing the Christmas Character
  • Pictionary featuring Christmas Carols
  • Christmas Charades
  • Christmas Movie Trivia
  • Christmas Memory Game
  • Name that Christmas Carol

These are only a few examples of Christmas games your team could be playing this holiday season. Of course, it won’t be complete and competitive if you don’t offer prizes to the winners. All of you could chip in to buy them before your party starts.

Have Some Clean Fun

Have Some Clean Fun

Sure, drinking booze at a Christmas party has always been part of the tradition. But it doesn’t have to be the case if you and the rest of your team believe it will just ruin your fun. You could totally go without it; or if you still want to have a few drinks, then go ahead just don’t make it the main attraction in your party.

Drinking less booze in your party could also benefit you, particularly when you still have to go to work in the following morning. Can you imagine having to answer calls while you are hungover? For sure, this is a recipe for disaster!


Donate or Give Back

This season, it’s important to remember that “giving is better than receiving.” Your team could select a certain charity or organization you want to help out. You could have a drive and donate all the proceeds of your party. It doesn’t even have to be in monetary value; it could be canned goods or old clothes you no longer use.

Doing this good deed will for sure make everyone in your team feel good and generous – just in time for the Christmas season.


Key Takeaway

Christmas parties do not have to follow traditions, especially if you believe that they no longer make people in your Philippine call center service team happy. Go ahead and plan your perfect party that is ideal for each and every member of your team. Do some brainstorming if you must and don’t be afraid to think outside the box!

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