Why You Should Work in a Call Center

Reasons Why You Should Work in Philippine Call Center Services

The BPO industry, together with call center services in the Philippines, has come a long way ever since its rise in the business industry. Business process outsourcing—otherwise known as BPO—has been in the country for decades. It started out by just having an average of 100 people, but in in the society today, the BPO industry has reached thousands upon thousands of employees. It has essentially become one of the biggest industries in the nation, considerably lowering the unemployment rate of college graduates due to its accessibility.

Although the BPO industry has numerous criticisms about the workload and overall environment of their offices, it still does not change the fact that it is one of the top contributors to the high employment rate in the Philippines’ labor force. It is also important to note that the business process outsourcing industry rarely take in non-college graduates due to a variety of reasons that will be stated in the succeeding parts of this article.

The BPO Industry and Call Center Services in the Philippines

The BPO landscape of the Philippines mainly revolves around the IT-BPO industry, which is all about outsourcing by using information technology as an instrument. It is also important to point out that BPOs are not the same as Philippine call centers. Call centers are just one of the sub-sectors of BPOs, along with KPOs (knowledge process outsourcing), animation, software development, medical transcription, game development, and engineering design.

In the Philippines, all these sub-sectors can be found in various cities. In fact, the country continues a promising prospect for the BPO industry due to its large economy despite the nation being classified as a developing country. In 2014, the BPO set an all-time high record in employment. From an average of 101,000 workers in 2004, the labor force for this industry has grown to be over 900,000 in the first quarter of 2014!

This increase is expected to continue in the following years—with an average of 20% annual expansion rate.

The Reason behind the Demand

The Reason behind the Demand - Why You Should Work in a Call Center

BPO employees have often be referred to as call center agents because the bulk of their workload primarily consists of either receiving calls from people, who have inquiries, questions, and difficulties, or making calls to pitch sales, advisories, queries, surveys, collection, and marketing.

Keep in mind that BPOs still have standards when it comes to hiring, even though it is an industry that freely accepts fresh graduates. This does not mean that if you are a fresh grad, you are immediately hired. Some standards that BPO companies have are:

Furthermore, BPOs hire non-college graduates, but the primary catch is that they should at least have a high school diploma, and must have at least 2 years of college experience. This kind of opportunity is a good thing for job applicants that have tirelessly looked for work but was denied because of them being a college dropout.


The Benefits of Working as an Agent in a Philippine Call Center Services

The Benefits of Working as a Call Center Agent - Why You Should Work in a Call Center

1. Higher Pay and Benefits

While there are still companies that offer a higher pay than that of a BPO standard salary, no company can beat BPOs in the pay grade that they provide to entry level positions. Although some BPO companies might offer less than others, they make it up with the benefits that they give their employees.

Some benefits are as follows:

  • Rice allowance
  • Transportation allowance
  • Meal allowance
  • Clothing allowance
  • Performance based bonuses
  • Night differentials
  • 13th month pay
  • Mid-year bonus
  • Christmas bonus
  • Cost of living allowances

Most of them would also include HMO plans that will cover your medical (consultations and diagnostics procedures) and dental needs (tooth extraction, prophylaxis, and tooth fillings), while some would also offer health and life insurance to the employee and their beneficiaries.

2. No Experience Needed

If you ever applied to a Philippine call center, you’d know that applicants don’t need any prior experience to be hired. This makes the BPO industry one of the easiest companies to get into, even if you have no experience in the workforce.

This is especially beneficial to fresh graduates, provided that they have proficiency in English and computers as well as above average communication skills. Although, it is important to note that there are some BPO companies that look for people, who are fluent in French and German.

3. No Discrimination

Most companies wouldn’t admit to it, but they filter out their applicants either by age or academic history. In most BPOs, they don’t have any discrimination towards the age of a person. If you’ve ever worked in a BPO company before, you might have seen some elderly workers there or some employees that are as young as 18 years old. Moreover, as stated above, they accept college dropouts just as long as they satisfy the standards that are set by the company.

4. No Traffic

Since you are in the Philippines, traffic is a common occurrence on the streets, which makes your trip to and from the office quite stressful. But when you work in a BPO company and you are assigned to the night shift, you don’t have to deal with the rush hour everyone has to encounter while they are going to and from their workplace. This is extremely convenient because you will not only avoid the added stress, but also receive some night differential in your pay!

5. Lower Volume of Work

Unlike working as a teacher that takes home quizzes, exams, and lesson plans, BPO agents don’t ever experience this. This is because being an agent means that you only have to work when you are in the company.

Of course, there will be times when you have to do some overtime because of a long call or a persistent customer. However, you can easily get compensated for this, as the company is required to pay you with some overtime pay. Though, be mindful about your company’s standards on overtime because it may differ from company to company.

6. Growth and Skill Development

By being a BPO agent, you’ll develop numerous skills through the calls that you receive every day. An agent has an average of 100 calls per day and these calls are all different from one another. This means that you will be polishing up on your interpersonal skills. Plus, the sheer amount of calls you receive will help you learn from the mistakes you make so you can be efficient and better at what you do.

BPOs today have evolved to be complex and more demanding than it was before, which is also a perfect opportunity for the agents to develop their foundations as professionals because with every call comes a chance to expand their skills in communication, active listening, encoding, negotiating, and problem solving.

7. Interaction

Just like in the previous point, the calls that you receive and make allow you to interact with people from all walks of life. You will be interacting with callers, who have varying ages, genders, locations, and ethnicities. This experience should help broaden your horizons.

If you are an extrovert, your sociable personality will surely thrive in this kind of work, particularly if you are interested in meeting and interacting with different people. But you don’t need to worry if you are an introvert instead, because through working as an agent, you’ll constantly be outside your comfort zone and this will help you be more comfortable when interacting with customers – even strangers.

This growth will not only manifest in your professional life, but also in your personal one.

8. The Dress Code

You’ve probably had one or two complaints about the business/corporate attire that your current company requires you to wear. Well, in BPO companies the dress code is very informal. You could even see a person just wearing jeans, a shirt, and sneakers—which normally don’t constitute the proper dress code—in their work setting.

You’ll be glad to hear that most call centers allow their employees to wear simple and comfortable attires for work. Plus, if you are lucky, your company might even let you wear shorts and sandals during Fridays!

9. The Renown

When you work in a big and international call center, you can already be considered as working for a multinational company, which is extremely prestigious! Furthermore, these Philippine call centers often spoil their employees by providing them with an office that is located in the heart of business districts such as Ayala, BGC, Ortigas, and Eastwood while increasing their prestige by working with popular and reputable companies like AT&T, Microsoft, IBM, HSBC, JP Morgan, American Express, among others.

Some companies even provide their employees with facilities such as gyms, entertainment rooms, sleeping quarters, recreational rooms, and pantries that can take away the stress that they have acquired while working and dealing with difficult customers.

Remember, not every BPO company provides excellent facilities and benefits to their employees. This is why you must know which companies you should trust and believe in.

Choosing the Right Philippine Call Center Services

In Piton Global, you’ll be working for one of the industry’s leading outsource provider. We have been in the local scene for roughly a decade now, and we are still one of the leading call center services in the Philippines. We assure that our clients receive the experience and resources they need to help them achieve their outsourcing objectives with accomplished consistency. Before Piton Global proceeds with outsourcing services, we make sure that we have a firm grasp on our client’s business and industry.

Unlike other companies, Piton Global maintains a connection with our clients to effectively help them reach their desired results—from lower cost of gains to improved customer satisfaction, loyalty, and profitability. Piton Global is adamant on establishing long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients that is based on integrity, profitability, and amazing performance.

Piton Global has a variety of services in their Philippine call centers that you can choose from. To give you a clue, here are some of them:

  • Customer Care
    Piton Global believes that our economy today is highly service-centric. This means that almost all business are providing their customers with a service that they can rely on, which is why Piton Global offers quality customer care and service to help most companies foster their relationships with their corresponding customers. Piton Global only employs the most experienced customer service representatives to ensure that every customer will be greatly taken cared of in the best way possible. Our company puts the employees in quality training with the help of modern contact-management technology. They specialize in intelligent agent-assisted services that make use of their single data repository for all their contacts which promotes efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Tech Support and Help Desk
    Piton Global believes that the client’s customers expect issues to be solved in the least time possible. We expect that our clients know that an effective tech support and help desk is not a luxury for companies, but is a necessity for them to maintain their customer’s satisfaction and retain their loyalty. In Piton Global, we provide world class technical support services in our Philippine call centers that only the best of the Philippines’ most technologically inclined, patient, English-proficient, and intuitive agents are capable of. We are powered with the latest contact center technology that we are very proud of.
  • Telemarketing
    Today’s potential customers are well-informed, leading them to make smarter purchasing decisions, which mean that telemarketers will have their hands full. However, this also means that they’ll have brand new opportunities to attract potential customers. This is important to note because a company’s growth is very dependent on a consistent stream of sales and potential customers. Here in Piton Global, we only retain the Philippines’ most skilled, English-proficient, motivated, and experienced sales people. We ensure that all our talents undergo training before they go out and generate leads for our clients.

Are you interested in our company and our services? You can learn more by contacting us. For more information, you can click here.