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Why Outsourcing Your Call Center Requirements to the Philippines Has Lots of Benefits

Migrating your call center outsourcing requirements to the Philippines provides many benefits. They give a great edge to foreign companies that want to lower their operating costs and maximize profits. Also, the Philippines gets a lot of opportunities to liven up its economy. Over the years, many call center firms have been established in the Philippines and they are still growing in number. This growth proves that there are many great things that come out of bringing call center firms to the Philippines.

Alongside China and India, call center firms in the Philippines are at the forefront of the global BPO industry. The increasing number of call center firms in the Philippines has enabled the industry’s staggering contribution of 12 percent to the country’s GDP. From only four call center firms, there are now over 700 of them all over the Philippines. These call center firms are located in the business sector of Manila and other major cities all over the Philippines.

The call center firms are the top job providers in the Philippines. In fact, roughly 900,000 Filipinos are employed by call centers. This has created a stronger middle class in the country while decreasing its unemployment rate.

While having call center firms in the Philippines has many advantages for Filipinos, foreign companies that do business here gain equally important benefits. Call center firms like the Philippines because they are guaranteed of having a workforce that’s competent in English. Being colonized by the United States before the Second World War, Filipinos have integrated the English language and American culture into their own.

Another thing call center firms love about the Philippines is that they have access to bright, career-oriented people. Those who apply to call center firms in the Philippines have obtained their college degrees or at least completed two years of college education. This makes them highly qualified for call center jobs. Foreign call center firms in the Philippines appreciate the eagerness of their workforce to advance their careers. It can easily be seen that these professionals do not simply aim to live from paycheck to paycheck.

It is also undeniable that the quality of outsourced work is one of the reasons why call center firms set up their businesses in the Philippines. Filipino call center agents are known to be courteous and efficient when handling clients. This is one trademark of agents that work in call center firms in the Philippines.

Call center firms also make the Philippines a business destination because it is relatively cheap. They get to cut costs and increase income without compromising on quality. Also, companies can set up their call center firms in an array of locations in the Philippines. If Manila seems a bit too expensive, there are other major cities that can be tapped. Call center firms in the Philippines have many advantageous business options.

The increase in number of call center firms in the Philippines shows that the industry is not slowing down. Call centers in the country will keep on generating benefits. It can easily be said that call center firms in the Philippines will be around for a long time.