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Overview Of Offshore Inbound Call Centres In The Philippines

By taking advantage of offshore inbound call centre outsourcing services in the Philippines, companies are able to make their businesses available to customers 24 hours a day every day of the week.

Offshore inbound call centre outsourcing companies in the Philippines can enhance customer interactions and make business communications more efficient. Offshore inbound call centre outsourcing firms allows a business to connect and serve customers nationwide and reach a wider untapped market.

Offshore inbound call centre outsourcing vendors in the Philippines are different types of customer interaction and communication services designed to help businesses reinforce their business and marketing strategies.

Providers of offshore inbound call centre outsourcing providers in the Philippines work as business partners. Together with the business client, providers of offshore inbound call center outsourcing companies aim to ensure agents deliver customer satisfaction and achieve results in every call.

To provide high-quality offshore inbound call centre outsourcing firms, providers equip their inbound call centers with up-to-date, reliable and secure software applications, telephony systems such as digital phone switches, Internet connection and other necessary technologies. Call centres provide are fully equipped with back up technologies in case of power outages or any other unexpected incidents that can affect the delivery of service. Call centres utilize secure technologies to ensure that sensitive data such as a customer’s credit card information remains safe.

A professional call centre representative is waiting to answer each call from customers. Inbound call centres make great efforts to reduce hold time and average handling time to ensure that there are no abandoned calls. While answering a call, a call centre representative looks up or enters information into a computer application, which may web-based or PC-based. He or she uses various tools such as product/service description sheets, custom scripts, the client’s website or an internal software in order to address the customer’s need whether it’s a simple question about the price of a product, a rebate request, a hotel reservation, or payment processing.

Offshore inbound call centre outsourcing companies in the Philippines include: general information, customer care, order taking, catalog sales, literature fulfillment, membership applications, directory assistance, sales, direct response for infomercials, TV and radio commercials and other media, insurance claims, troubleshooting software/hardware products, account registrations, reservations, messaging services and many more. Many call centres are able to offer multi-lingual offshore inbound call centre providers.

In order to meet performance metrics in the delivery of offshore inbound call centre outsourcing services in the Philippines, clients and call centre managers look at records of calls. Clients have access to these call records at any time. Call records show the date and time of a call, ring time, hold time, talk time or handling time, including which call centre representative answered the call.

Moreover, call centre agents routinely undergo quality auditing and performance evaluations to assure consistent delivery of quality service and identify areas of improvement.

The Filipino Advantage
In offshore inbound call centres, the ability to speak English well is one of the most important skills that a call centre representative must have. Filipino call centre agents demonstrate a high level of proficiency in the English language and this has been the competitive edge of offshore inbound call centre outsourcing companies.

Filipino call centre agents speak English with a neutral accent making it easy for a native English speaker to understand them. Moreover, Filipino call centre agents can easily adopt an American accent. The ability to sound like an American comes natural to many Filipino call centre representatives but in addition to this, call centre training programs also teach this skill.

Not only do the Filipinos possess the highest level of English language skills among Asian countries but it also has the most Westernized culture, allowing call centre representatives to relate easily with western customers.

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