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Offshore Technical Support Outsourcing In The Philippines

Today’s business environment is far more complex and filled with different sets of challenges and more businesses see the need to refocus their resources and efforts on their core activities in order to remain competitive. Outsourcing is an effective solution to achieve this goal and offshore outsourcing is one trend that provides an added benefit of significant cost reduction along with the opportunity to concentrate on core competencies. Offshore outsourcing is simply transferring specific duties and responsibilities to a third party organization overseas, which has the expertise on the required task.

When it comes to offshore outsourcing of technical support, businesses can rely on offshore technical support firms in the Philippines as an offshore partner. In fact, their current roster of clients lists many of the world’s leading technology companies today and the number of businesses they support is growing. Global companies, big or small, have been relying on offshore technical support companies to provide essential technical support to customers for many years now.

Undoubtedly, providing technical support is integral to the success of any technology-related company whether they are in hardware or software manufacturing, Internet technology or consumer electronics. However, very few businesses can afford to set up an in-house technical support center that requires considerable investments in technology and infrastructure not to mention recruitment of talent. Even large businesses that already have established their technical support operations choose to move them to an offshore technical support provider in the Philippines in order to become more efficient.

By outsourcing technical support, these companies still have control of their programs but offshore technical support companies in the Philippines manages the implementation and daily operations of client programs. They have the responsibility of delivering quality service within their client’s time, cost and service level requirements. Offshore technical support firms are capable of managing all or only a percentage of a company’s technical support functions in order to meet specific needs of businesses. Through their expertise, commitment and efficient use of technology and human resources, offshore technical support companies effectively contributes to a company’s competitive advantage.

General Service Features of Offshore Technical Support firms in the Philippines:

  • Everyday 24 hour support for round-the-clock or after-hours technical support
  • Service delivery via multiple communication channels – phone, email, fax, live Internet chat, mobile devices
  • Remote control
  • Multilingual capabilities
  • Quality assurance and performance metrics
  • Services delivered by qualified English and technology proficient technical support representatives

Some of the businesses supported by offshore technical support companies include original equipment manufacturers (OEM), software publishers, internet service providers, wireless vendors, consumer electronic companies, and other companies whose core business requires expert and cost-effective technical support.

Offshore technical support companies in the Philippines has the technology, infrastructure, personnel and the expert management to implement outsourced projects successfully. Offshore technical support providers offer the services of a global talent. They have a mix of local Filipino and multinational organization that provides them in-depth local and international industry knowledge. They realize that their workforce is a critical part of their success and they invest heavily on finding the best people and enhancing their skills through local and overseas training. Indeed, the abilities and experience of its people and their strong work ethics remain a key advantage for offshore technical support firms in the Philippines.

Over the years, offshore technical support providers in the Philippines has gained a reputation for superior technical knowledge along with quality customer service. Moreover, offshore technical support companies puts great effort in maintaining their client’s trust. Therefore, they employ the strictest measures to guarantee confidentiality and security of their information. It is their aim to build long-term relationships with every client as a reliable partner for their technical support needs.

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