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Offshore Technical Support Outsourcing Operators In The Philippines

With the ever-growing technology market, the demand for technical support becomes even greater. Technology providers that are competing fiercely with each other must secure ways to keep their customers and acquire new ones. Quality technical support plays an important role in this effort. However, the facilities needed in order to provide post-sales support for technology products and services require significant investments to set up and manage.

Many businesses realize the great challenges operating an in-house technical support team. Not only is it expensive but it calls for some major responsibilities. Additionally, a business will have to find a balance between controlling costs and providing quality support that requires expensive sophisticated tools and specialist talent. On setting up its own technical support facility, a business will have to spend thousands on office furniture and equipment, wages and benefits, leased data/voice network lines, etcetera. In addition to all this, recruiting, training, managing and retaining technical professionals pose another challenge for the inexperienced. A business can turn to an offshore technical support outsourcing operator in the Philippines to take care of all the above.

Offshore technical support outsourcing providers in the Philippines offer businesses the opportunity to lower operating costs as well as shortening cycle times. The average cost for a US-based technical support representative is about $30 per hour. At an offshore technical support outsourcing provider, the daily rate of a representative is only about half of that. In addition, resources in offshore locations such as the Philippines are simply much lower than in the United States or Europe so the technologies and infrastructure used are naturally cost-effective, which makes 60 percent cost reductions a possibility.

In addition to cost savings, clients also benefit from the 24-hour work window offered by offshore technical support outsourcing companies in the Philippines. Having a team working at a different time zone is indeed one of the best strategies to ensure quick response to customer’s needs, which is especially important for enterprises with an international market. The demand for round the clock support increases as globalization expands further. Businesses with global customers that are unable to respond to their needs promptly risk losing their market share to a competitor that can provide the needed support.

For customers that need technical help, quick response is critical. For instance, if the customer’s computer breaks down he or she will want it fixed right away. However, if technical support is not available for another eight hours then that leads to great frustration and the chances for a repeat business or a referral in this instance are slim. For those without the resources but realize the need and importance of providing technical support to customers wherever they are located, they can find expert 24/7 help from offshore technical support outsourcing company.

Quick Profile
Offshore technical support outsourcing operators in the Philippines have experienced significant growth since their inception in the late 1990’s. Today, they boast of having a nationwide network of support centers from Manila extending to Baguio City in the northern part of the Philippines and all the way down to southern cities of Cebu and Dumaguete, to name a few. From employing a few thousands a few years back, their staff now numbers in the hundred thousands.

Offshore technical support outsourcing firms in the Philippines manage millions of customer interactions to assist some of the world’s largest companies in technology-related industries. They handle a full range of technical support services utilizing various communication platforms. They employ a multi-level support process to address simple usage questions to complex technical issues requiring troubleshooting or repair.

With offshore technical support outsourcing providers as a business partner, companies have realized significant improvements in productivity, customer satisfaction, and profitability.

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