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Offshore Technical Support Outsourcing Companies In The Philippines

Offshore technical support outsourcing company in the Philippines provides consumer support for technology products and services. Their technical expertise, analytical and customer relations skills enable them to provide total customer satisfaction.

With proven consistency in providing high quality technical support services, global technology companies are increasingly turning to offshore technical support outsourcing providers in the Philippines with their outsourced technical support operations. Their present clients include leading international providers of computer hardware, software, consumer electronics, Internet and other technology services.

In providing technical support, offshore technical support outsourcing firms takes into consideration the fact that most consumers are non-technical individuals. Hence, their representatives possess not only technical skills but also customer interaction and communication skills, which enable them to listen to the customer effectively, recognize the problem, and communicate the right solutions in a manner that is easy to understand.

Usually, the type of support that offshore technical support outsourcing companies in the Philippines provide involves installation or set-up, configuration, connectivity, usage, troubleshooting of software/applications or a device, upgrades and others. No matter how complex the nature of technical support required, offshore technical support outsourcing firms are ready to train its technically savvy staff on the products and services of the client to provide support that customers can rely on.

The representatives that make up the staff of offshore technical support outsourcing vendors in the Philippines are college-educated and English proficient individuals with background and experience related with various technologies such as engineering, computer science, programming and maintenance, networking, Internet technology, security, media devices, and others. Their skills and knowledge along with comprehensive and client specific training provided by offshore technical support outsourcing enable them to diagnose firms and resolve issues effectively on the first point of contact, thereby, increasing customer satisfaction and lowering costs of contact.

The technical support process of offshore technical support outsourcing providers in the Philippines often involves several levels from entry-level support to the more complex level 2 and level 3 supports. Representatives resolve most issues in the first two levels. Level 1 support handles general and frequently asked questions such as how to use specific features of a product or service. In providing solutions to entry-level concerns, representatives refer to the client’s knowledge base system. In the instance that the representative is not able to resolve the issue, Level 2 representatives are ready to offer advanced support. A few cases will require the support of the technology provider and this constitutes level 3 support. In essence, offshore technical support outsourcing companies coordinates with engineers of the technology provider to find a solution to the customer’s technical issue.

Offshore technical support outsourcing companies in the Philippines recognize the importance of providing quick response and resolution to customer issues within the time established in the service level agreement with the client. On average, offshore technical support outsourcing providers in the Philippines delivers support within time-frames less than 20 minutes. Aside from average handling time, offshore technical support outsourcing providers also employ other metrics to measure efficiency and productivity of their support processes such as number of daily calls handled or emails processed, rate of first contact resolution and others.

Offshore technical support outsourcing firms in the Philippines operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week delivering support through various communication channels across continents to include voice, email, chat, and other web-based technology. They handle an extensive range of products and services from internationally recognized names in the technology market today. They combine skilled and highly trained technical support professionals, advanced technological tools, years of experience, and proven best practices in management in order to offer their clients and their client’s customers dependable support service tailored to their needs, efficient and cost-effective.

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