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Offshore Tech Support Outsourcing Vendors In The Philippines

Offshore tech support outsourcing vendors in the Philippines ensure that clients will achieve maximum results from their tech support programs. They follow a structured methodology to deliver consistent quality in their services.

By harnessing the ready resources of an offshore tech support outsourcing company in the Philippines, a business eliminates the need to set up and manage its own local facility, hence, greatly reducing expenses. Clients can ensure transparency and control of their programs through open communication with offshore tech support outsourcing vendors Philippines. Clients can also expect a management focused on improving performance and productivity. Their service model incorporates multinational skill sets and best industry practices to deliver service that results in cost savings, increased efficiencies, and customer satisfaction.

In order to fulfill service expectations, offshore tech support outsourcing company in the Philippines carefully studies and identifies the needs and goals of its client and creates an implementation plan of the program that covers the technology, infrastructure and labor force requirements. Together with the client, they define service level agreements and the process of performance monitoring. With the approval of the client, they launch the service implementation plan. Trainings and all knowledge transfer activities follow, ensuring that all resources are ready to deliver service live.

Offshore tech support outsourcing firms in the Philippines have dedicated account managers who oversee the delivery of commitments and serve as the primary contact of the client. They directly manage tech support representatives, team leaders, and quality analysts. They see to it that necessary tools and infrastructure are available to maintain productivity levels. They closely track the progress of the client program to see how well it is meeting targets. They provide feedback to higher management, take action to address issues, and coordinate initiatives for process improvement.

Their People
Because offshore tech support outsourcing firms in the Philippines realizes the foremost role of their workforce in the success of each client program, they make great efforts to make sure they hire, train and retain the best talents. Their employees come from different backgrounds but all share strengths in communication, technical skills and customer service. They create a challenging and rewarding work environment that fosters performance and growth of individuals and teams. With strong employee motivation, offshore tech support outsourcing vendors have an average staff turnover rate that is significantly lower than industry statistics. Some of the ways they ensure high motivation in the workforce is by providing attractive compensation and benefits, performance incentives, and opportunities for career growth.

Each employee undergoes training programs designed to enhance skills sets to match it with the needs of the program. Training includes skills building in the areas of English communication, customer interaction or customer service, and technology. Personality development is also part of training as well as creating the right work attitude. Employees also undergo specific training on the client’s product or service. Typically, on a pioneer program, clients take over this part or they train trainers to transfer knowledge about the client’s offerings.

Quality is of utmost importance to offshore tech support outsourcing company in the Philippines. They utilize various tools to monitor and assure quality such as voice call recording, email monitoring, customer satisfaction surveys, random monitoring, quality scorecards, quality statistics analysis and others. Each client account has dedicated quality analysts who are responsible for implementing and improving quality. Offshore tech support outsourcing firms uses a framework that creates ownership of responsibility and accountability in every tech support representative.

The facility of offshore tech support outsourcing providers in the Philippines houses state-of-the-art technologies that feature superior voice and data connectivity, security, robust server and network systems.

By outsourcing to offshore tech support companies, businesses can gain access to exceptional resources and mature implementation methodologies for high quality consumer and enterprise technical support.

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