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Offshore Tech Support Outsourcing Companies In The Philippines

In technology products – whether it is a desktop, a printer or digital camera – warranty is a standard feature and so should technical support. Indeed, aside from the product features and the price, the availability and level of technical support provided by the vendor is one of the top considerations of customers when making purchase decisions.

When a customer calls in with a technical problem, he expects a prompt response from a knowledgeable representative who can help him fix the problem in the soonest time possible. In other words, customers expect nothing less than quality tech support and it is the responsibility of every technology provider to deliver it to them.

However, the reality is providing tech support is not an easy task. Technology companies today are facing big challenges in maintaining good service levels while controlling costs. Some businesses simply do not have the resources to respond adequately to customer’s needs.

For companies looking for more efficient and cost-effective alternative to in-house tech support or onshore tech support outsourcing, offshore tech support outsourcing companies in the Philippines can help. Simply put, they can provide quality service at much lower costs. This is possible because the cost of living in the Philippines and the cost of resources are low. Quality technology, real estate, talent is widely available at rates that are simply unbeatable in any western or first world country.

Moreover, offshore tech support outsourcing provider in the Philippines realize that offshore rates alone are not enough for their client to realize cost benefits and that it should go hand in hand with quality service. While other offshore providers can compete in price, offshore tech support outsourcing firms in the Philippines distinguish themselves by providing and maintaining a superior level of service.

Offshore tech support outsourcing vendors in the Philippines ensure quality in several ways. In essence, they have specific set of standards designed to achieve and maintain quality in all aspects – in their technology, people and process. Offshore tech support outsourcing providers in the Philippines ensure that they use the best of resources. They utilize advanced tools and systems that provide reliability and scalability to guarantee maximum uptime performance. Offshore tech support outsourcing vendor in the Philippines employs IT professionals who ensure that all technical resources are in optimal condition. They also make great efforts to protect client data and other sensitive information through secure servers, password-protected accounts, use of proximity cards and other means of access control and other industry standard security measures. Additionally, employees share the responsibility of ensuring security and confidentiality through agreements specified on their employment contracts.

Quality in human resources starts from recruitment. Offshore tech support outsourcing firm in the Philippines selects applicants who possess the best English communication skills and technical aptitude. Applicants must pass a series of tests and interviews that evaluate if their skills sets match the job requirements. For Level 2 tech support accounts, offshore tech support outsourcing provider in the Philippines generally looks for proven experience in tech support and strong technology-related educational background.

Selected applicants then undergo a series of training programs starting with an orientation about the offshore tech support outsourcing company Philippines and the client. Then trainees go through basic skills training followed by client-specific training where they learn more about the client’s products and services for which they will be providing support. Trainees also learn about other information about the client such as the culture, geography, and lifestyle in their country. Trainees must also master the use of certain tools of the job such as telephone systems and internal applications used for service delivery, documentation, performance monitoring, attendance and tracking of daily activities. Additionally, there are tests during the training period and a short on-the-job- assessment before agents can join the workforce.

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