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Outsourcing Services In The Philippines

In any business, outsourcing a call centre is a terrific way to produce sales and customer services relatively quickly. But for really large markets companies often can’t afford enough outsourcing to meet market potential, at least when outsourcing on-shore at on-shore rates. One alternative that enables companies to afford as much outsourcing as they need is outsourcing services in the Philippines. Indeed, the Philippines in 2010 because the number one offshore outsourcing services destination in the world.

Countries such as US and India started outsourcing their call centre operations to the Philippines a decade ago; the industry has grown almost exponentially and is projected to do over $13,000,000,000 in 2012. Other English speaking countries such as the UK, Canada and Australia have started outsourcing to the Philippines too.

Whether it be customer service reps, Help Desk personnel, inbound or outbound telemarketing and any of the other many services proven effective with offshore call center agents, outsourcing firms in the Philippines can meet the need. However, as with any purchase, outsourcing offshore does require due diligence by the prospective client.

Once the prospective client company narrows the field down to a handful of offshore outsourcing services, they need to very clearly outline to them exactly what they need. If the prospective client is experienced in using offshore outsourcing services it will be easier to explain but if not then the prospective client company can explain their needs in layman’s terms. The outsourcing company will know what questions to ask beyond that.

One of the great things about outsourcing offshore to the Philippines is that its great affordability makes it much more likely that the client can have what they need rather than simply the bare minimum they can afford. Call centre outsourcing in the Philippines, or anywhere, is a joint venture between client and service provider that neither wants to fail. Thus careful discussion and design is necessary to make sure the processes are implemented that will yield satisfactory results and profitability to both parties.

Providing a 24/7 service through call centre outsourcing in the Philippines for customers and at the same time meeting the needs of the clients is one thing, but to provide a quality service that actually produces results is another.

In addition to the differential in labor rates and its advantageous effect on overall price, there is another reason outsourcing services from the Philippines is a smart move. Outsourcing services companies in the Philippines have already made considerable investment in technological infrastructure and it’s easier for them to amortize through their larger volume of business. This, of course, accrues to the advantage of each of their individual clients.

Despite the fact that outsourcing services from the Philippines is ‘a good deal’ that doesn’t mean there’s anything cheap about the quality of the technology or personnel. The price differential is simply due to the lower cost of living in the Philippines and the fact that it is still considered a ‘developing country.’ No doubt it won’t always be that way.

Although most of the work done by outsourcing services in the Philippines is done in English, it is possible to find companies that offer services in other regional languages. Relative to English proficiency, client companies can find virtually any level of English proficiency they want. Obviously agents who speak English with little or no detectable accent cost a little more but the rates are still very reasonable.

High tech infrastructure, experienced management and highly trained and motivated agents add up to an affordable and profitable mix when considering outsourcing services in the Philippines. It’s no wonder that business is booming in mighty Manila.

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