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Reasons For Outsourcing To Offshore Inbound Call Centres In The Philippines

The tremendous growth of call centres in the country point to the fact the there are certain activities that offshore service providers, like the Philippines, can do more efficiently and profitably. Hence, more companies are deciding to outsource and as the trend of call centre outsourcing grows, the Philippines is preparing to take an even bigger role in the market.

Why outsource to offshore inbound call centre outsourcing vendors Philippines?
Companies that outsource their business processes are looking to gain cost savings, improve call centre management and customer service. Offshore inbound call centre outsourcing vendors in the Philippines work to deliver these targets consistently.

The costs involved in setting up and managing a call centre involve costs in infrastructure, technologies, office space, back up systems, technical maintenance or repair.

Moreover, significant investments are also necessary in terms of labor costs because customer care is a labor-intensive operation. Labor costs include compensation, benefits, incentives, recruitment costs, training costs, etcetera.

Offshore inbound call centre outsourcing firms in the Philippines provide significant cost-savings because its business is call centre management, and therefore, it comes equipped with all necessary resources to handle the call centre needs of a client. Moreover, the cost structure in the Philippines is by far lower than in developed countries and even compared to other competitors making 25 to 60 percent cost reductions possible.

Offshore inbound call centre outsourcing vendor in the Philippines takes responsibility over the client’s day-to-day call centre operations. At the same time, they collaborate with clients to determine key business goals, objectives and long-term plans and then transfer their understanding of the client’s business to call centre agents and other staff members. Thus, offshore inbound call centre outsourcing firms creates the assurance in clients that everyone involved in their account is aware of and understands the client’s business, which is essential since call centre agents directly represents the client’s business to customers.

Offshore inbound call centre outsourcing firms operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with very flexible staffing to meet demands during peak times, which besides regular US business hours can also be affected by seasons or holidays or product/service launches, and etcetera.

Because the core business of offshore inbound call centre outsourcing companies in the Philippines is providing quality call centre solutions and customer service, it only makes perfect business sense to partner with such service providers. Since they are specialists in the call centre business, they have the experience and understanding of the business to make strategic decisions and approaches as to the best way to achieve results for their clients.

Offshore inbound call centre outsourcing vendor provides clients with regular reporting on established performance metrics that highlights results within a specific period and helps business quickly identify areas that demonstrate the most productivity and the areas that need improvement.

Capabilities of Inbound Call Centres
Offshore inbound call centre outsourcing companies in the Philippines receive calls from customers of clients overseas, mostly from the United States, over dedicated and private international leased fiber optic circuits.

Offshore inbound call centre outsourcing companies set up and utilize the most efficient call processing technologies and processes. Call centres have advanced technologies in telephony that automatically route calls to available agents to minimize hold time and contribute to a positive customer experience.

They handle all types of inbound customer calls relating to the product or service of clients in various industries. The range of inbound call centre services that offshore inbound call centre outsourcing vendors in the Philippines offer include: Answering Service, Product Information Requests, 1-800 Answering Services, Customer Service, Loan Application processing, Insurance Claims processing , Subscription services, Billing, Payment processing, Sales , Order taking, Order fulfillment, Pre-sale and Post-sale assistance, Sales Closures, Up-selling and Cross-selling, Technical Support, Installation/Removal, Help desk and etcetera.

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