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Offshore Help Desk Outsourcing Services in the Philippines

Offshore help desk outsourcing companies in the Philippines have provided support to international enterprises and businesses for several years now to help them:

  • Reduce operating expenses
  • Focus on their core competencies
  • Give prompt and professional support to end-users

Providers of offshore help desk outsourcing in the Philippines utilize proven methodologies and procedures designed to make the delivery of help desk support as consistent and efficient as possible. Outsourcing companies in the Philippines cover a wide range of support from the use and navigation of popular software to troubleshooting more complex hardware or application problems.

The basis of the design of offshore outsourcing firms in the Philippines is the service level agreement between the service provider and the client. The service level agreement is part of the contract that defines the specific service required, performance metrics, issue management, etcetera.

A team of quality analysts and a dedicated project manager ensure that offshore help desk outsourcing providers in the Philippines comply with service level agreements.

By utilizing offshore help desk outsourcing firms in tthe Philippines, a company can access quality resources at offshore rates to provide cost-effective and efficient support to employees, consultants, customers and all end users.

Service features

  • Multiple service delivery channels: toll-free telephone, email, fax, live Internet chat, and others
  • Flexible service hours – 24 hours, 7 days a week; 24 hours, Monday to Friday; normal business hours, after hours, peak periods, holidays or weekends
  • Support capabilities
  • Multi-level approach Bilingual or Multilingual for maximum productivity
  • Remote client monitoring
  • Regular quality evaluations
  • Full reporting capabilities customized to client requirements
  • Competitive pricing
  • Defined performance metrics
  • Scalable technologies
  • Quick implementation
  • Well trained support staff with expertise on the specific subject required by client

Typical examples of offshore help desk outsourcing providers in the Philippines are support for computer hardware/software, networking, dial-up or DSL internet connectivity, wireless networks, networking, equipment repair, patch installs, support for custom applications, and many others.

Markets Served
Offshore help desk outsourcing companies support the following industries and businesses: original equipment manufacturers (OEM), wireless vendors, software publishers, Internet Service Providers, Application Service Providers, travel and hospitality companies, medical and health care institutions, government agencies, aerospace and defense, real estate firms, media and entertainment companies, educational institutions, and many other organizations.

Many companies do not have adequate resources – budget, expertise, staff, and technology – to provide help desk support properly. Providers of offshore help desk outsourcing in Philippines offer comprehensive solutions to reduce costs and management worries.

Dedicated help desk representatives provide offshore help desk outsourcing services Philippines from state-of-the-art contact centers. Each of these representatives have college education, many hold college and university degrees, with high proficiency in English and speak with a neutral accent. Moreover, these representatives have a strong familiarity with western culture and lifestyle. They are technically savvy and are easy to train on technical subjects.

One of the important aspects that contribute to the quality of offshore help desk outsourcing companies in the Philippines is on-site management. Managers, directors and supervisors of these services employ a hands-on approach to ensure that service delivery meets targets. Usually, outsourcing providers in the Philippines draw from local and foreign talent and expertise because many service providers are multinational organizations with headquarters in the United States, UK, Australia and other countries.

Industry experts agree that offshore help desk outsourcing firms in the Philippines are worthy options for any organization looking to improve its help desk support. With the continued trust of the companies currently utilizing offshore help desk outsourcing vendors in Philippines, providers are confident of future growth. Industry players expect offshore help desk outsourcing companies in the Philippines will continue to become the top choice for low-cost high-quality support.

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