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Offshore Help Desk Outsourcing Firms In The Philippines

A help desk receive and respond to requests for technical support typically about computer hardware or software concerning their usage, installation, troubleshooting and other problems. The exchange of support is with the use of various mediums such as phone, email, fax, live Internet chat, user portals, web-based bulletin boards and others.

A help desk is part of the Information Technology department of an organization. However, the past decade or so, it has seen a growing trend among businesses to outsource help desk functions. Some organizations outsource their help desk as part of an entire IT outsourcing initiative while others choose to outsource the help desk support alone. Certainly, it will depend on the organization what type of help desk outsourcing is appropriate for its business. In this regard, offshore help desk outsourcing firms in the Philippines offer extensive help desk services to match specific client needs designed to bring in measurable results.

The benefits of cost savings derived from working with an offshore help desk outsourcing company in the Philippines obviously relate to lower costs of resources in the country combined with economic scale. Additionally, having offshore help desk outsourcing firm in the Philippines as an outsourcing partner offers the advantage of utilizing the expertise and efficient methodologies of a specialist service provider.

However, it is important to note that while an offshore help desk outsourcing provider will manage and implement the help desk functions of the client, the client retains control over its program. While each party involved has clearly defined duties and responsibilities to ensure the success of the program, outsourcing ventures are collaborative efforts and require commitment from both sides to be successful. For many years now, offshore help desk outsourcing providers in the Philippines has been a reliable outsourcing partners to some of the leading enterprises in the market.

Proper management of outsourced help desk services is critical because poor service provision will ultimately result to lost business for the client and the outsourcing service provider. Offshore help desk outsourcing firms Philippines have set in place all appropriate structures and have defined client-approved service level agreements to guide its management of outsourced projects. Offshore help desk outsourcing firm in the Philippines utilizes a careful plan for the implementation and transition of the outsourcing project based on the assessment of the client’s service level requirements. Offshore help desk outsourcing companies in the Philippines feature proper and complete documentation of processes as well as full statistical monitoring and reporting capabilities.

Offshore help desk outsourcing companies in the Philippines provide support for OEMs, wireless vendors, software publishers, custom applications and others. They can offer flexible solutions from normal business hours to 24/7 support to serve during after hours, overflows, peak periods, and holidays.

Some of the specific services provided by an offshore help desk outsourcing vendors in the Philippines are support for office applications, computer hardware, Internet connectivity, networking, equipment repair, web site support, and many more.

Offshore help desk outsourcing companies employ a broad range of skills and talents, from its qualified technical support staff to its expert management teams. They offer dedicated expert help desk support to enterprises that are looking to maximize their IT staff by having them focused on core strategic functions.

Moreover, the representatives of offshore help desk outsourcing providers in the Philippines possess superior English speaking skills, hence, greatly reducing language barriers and providing effective support.

Summary of Service Features

  • Technical expertise
  • English proficient, technically sophisticated staff
  • End-to-end outsourcing solutions
  • Customization of solutions to meet client needs
  • Advanced tracking and reporting systems
  • Significant overall cost reduction
  • Efficient and effective issue resolution

Offshore help desk outsourcing firms in the Philippines have years of experience and a proven track record of their exceptional service to the international business community. They have the skills and technical resources to deliver a broad range of help desk services critical to an organization.

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