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Offshore Help Desk Outsourcing Companies In The Philippines

In order to survive tough competition in today’s business environment, enterprises must find ways to enhance productivity and improve user satisfaction. End-users demand quick access to knowledgeable service and support. The ability of an organization to deliver a high level of service quality is crucial to success. Help desk support requires substantial use of resources – time, skills, and technology. However, the cost of resources needed – telephony systems, PC workstations, staffing – to set up a proper internal help desk service is, quite often, beyond what companies are willing to invest.

Offshore help desk outsourcing companies in the Philippines have already invested in all these resources to provide enterprises with the exact support they need. These resources are available in the Philippines at a very low cost but with superior quality, hence, offshore help desk outsourcing companies are able to provide affordable but effective alternative to outsourcing help desk functions such as technical support to the internal users of an organization or to consumers.

In addition to cost benefits, offshore help desk outsourcing company in the Philippines can help businesses streamline its processes in order to focus on core functions such as product and service enhancements. They have the capabilities needed to handle high volumes, increase the level of same-day or first contact issue resolution.

Offshore help desk outsourcing company offers support for networks including installation, upgrades, configuration, data transfer, data back up, setting dial-up Internet connection, email configuration, etc. They also offer extensive software support for operating systems, office productivity suites, e-mail, web browsers, anti- virus, and utilities.

Help desk outsourcing company in the Philippines utilizes a multi-tiered approach to service delivery. Tier 1 or the entry-level support, handles the highest volume of support requests, provides support to basic hardware and software issues. Tier 2 support handles escalated issues from Tier 1, which are more complex and require subject matter expertise. Highly complex issues from Tier 2 are escalated to Tier 3, who handles help- vendor- certified engineers or the client’s own IT experts.

Offshore company in the Philippines makes use of a clearly defined service implementation plan in every outsourcing initiative. The implementation stage follows right after both parties have reached an agreement and the length of implementation may take a couple of weeks or months but the average length is anywhere from 2 weeks to a month, depending on the complexity of the client’s requirements.

In general, offshore help desk outsourcing company in the Philippines starts the implementation stage by first looking at the current support process of the client, its strengths and areas for improvement. The  outsourcing companies then find out the expectations of the client. After identifying service level requirements, the next step is to outline the support process or the work-flow. Offshore help desk outsourcing companies Philippines draw up standard operating procedures and determine the exact resources needed.

Prior to actual implementation of the outsourced help desk support, offshore help desk outsourcing company Philippines prepares all resources and support activities within the specified period. Once the support structure goes live, the offshore help desk diligently tracks, measures and analyze the effectivity and level of efficiency within the first three months comparing it to performance metrics established in the service level agreement. The outsourcing company will then report the results to clients. While this methodology in the service delivery continues throughout the length of the partnership with the client, offshore help desk outsourcing companies have a commitment to continue their service in order to improve processes and outputs.

Typically, outsourcing companies in the Philippines have a one dedicated person assigned to be the client’s single point of contact. This person, who may be the account or project manager or the client relationship manager, arranges client meetings and frequency of reporting and communicates any issues to and on behalf of the client.

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