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Providing Offshore Contact Center Services That Add Value To Client’s Business

In today’s highly competitive business world, a company must continually take on different strategies to survive and keep ahead of competition. One such strategy is outsourcing certain business processes such as contact center operations to offshore destinations like the Philippines. By utilizing offshore call center in the Philippines, companies gain a partner whose goal is to help them acquire new customers and keep existing ones loyal and satisfied through quality customer service.

Offshore contact center companies in the Philippines provide diverse customer relationship and contact center management services that align with a client’s business objectives. Some of the most common in the call center services offered by Philippine-based call centers are:

Customer Service/Customer Support

Call centers in the Philippines realize that in delivering customer service, a company must strike a balance between providing superior quality customer service and maintaining the cost of call resolution to a minimum. Service providers accomplish this challenging task by ensuring that customer service agents are able to answer and resolve all calls at the fastest time possible without sacrificing quality. The combination of speed and quality is the key to a successful delivery of all offshore contact center services, whether the account is for inbound call handling or email resolution. The faster agents answer calls, provide support or resolve issues, the higher the customer satisfaction level and the lower the costs.

This is why providers of call centers in the Philippines see to it that only skilled individuals pass the recruitment process and that these individuals who are to become contact center representatives receive complete and proper training in order to deliver quick and quality resolution to customer needs. Utilizing the latest technology in telephony and computers in the delivery of call center providers is also necessary.

Quality contact center companies reflects the commitment of Filipino service providers in resolving the simplest customer inquiry to the most challenging customer issue to meet the ultimate goal of securing sales, gaining customers and satisfying customers.

Call center companies in the Philippines cater to an array of industries including banking or finance, computers, IT, telecommunications, retail and other industries. Any business can benefit from call center providers such as those with extensive product or service offerings but limited staff to respond to customer inquiries or those that are seeking to reduce hold time for customers to improve service and prevent lost sales. Working with providers of BPOs is also a cost-effective and efficient way of providing round the clock customer service without straining company resources.

Inbound Sales

Inbound sales and order taking are also some of the typical service in the call center providers, which help businesses to respond to product and service inquiries from potential buyers. Having a live person answer customer sales calls is a major factor in increasing sales. Most people lose interest in a sale when they have to wait, or are on hold for too long or when a voicemail system always answers their calls.
Additionally, offshore contact center provider in the Philippines that handle sales account give their agents extensive sales training in order to identify the up-selling and cross-selling opportunities during a sales call.

Market Research Services

Understanding customers is critical to the success of any business and this is why marketing research is an essential task. In this particular field, there are several services available in call centers in the Philippines to meet various business needs. Contact center agents often initiate calls to businesses or households to gain insight into the market often through quick surveys with relevant contacts, which may be potential customers or existing customers.

Appointment Setting Services

For businesses with long lead lists, appointment setting is very important in order to filter the list and provide the client’s internal sales team with appointments only from interested parties, thus, improving productivity and sales results.

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