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The Value And Advantages Of Offshore Contact Center In The Philippines To Global Companies

To remain competitive in the business, one must be flexible and continue to make room for improvement in their service while reducing operational costs. The past years showed the emergence of new business practices brought about by globalization. The development of the internet, contributed an increase in demand for better services that will be delivered quickly and efficiently.

Since the late 1990s, global companies especially those from the United States have sought the best call center providers, and many of these companies have decided to choose the Philippines over other offshore destinations.

Today, call center companies in the Philippines is proud of doing business with some of the largest corporations in the United States and in other parts of the world. Indeed, the call center providers in the Philippines has experienced tremendous growth pointing to the success of American businesses that ventured to bring their contact center operations to the country.

An increasing number of international companies are regarding BPO companies in the Philippines to be the leader in the offshore outsourcing sector. These companies find that contact center vendors have the best resources from workforce to technology to handle a variety of contact center functions such as inbound and outbound customer service, technical support, sales, telemarketing, lead generation, appointment setting, market research, etc.

BPOs in the Philippines utilize an integration of multiple channels of communication to offer customer management services beyond telephone-based support to include e-mail and live web chat.

Additionally, the low-cost wage rates of BPOs in the Philippines, and the large supply of highly literate, technology savvy and English-speaking individuals adds to the appeal of BPO companies in the Philippines.

Many businesses agree that call center providers in the Philippines have the right capabilities to serve the global market for offshore contact center services. While American companies are the dominant source of business for offshore call center firms, the industry is seeing new markets emerging in other regions of the world including the UK, Australia and Canada.

Contact center providers in the Philippines outpace its competitors in terms of the level of service that they provide customers and this quality service translates to improved profitability for business clients. The ease with which call center firms communicate and relate with American customers as compared to other service providers is a major contributor to its success.

The global trend of outsourcing to contact center providers in the Philippines leads to projections that the country will be the dominant provider of offshore contact center services by 2008.

Fortunately, 500 companies in the United States have seen the value that the call center firms offer, and have set up and brought their customer service and call center operations to the country.

The aggressive growth of BPO providers in the Philippines is largely due to the combination of low labor costs and the high English proficiency and adaptability of Filipinos to the Western culture.

Among other offshore destinations such as India and Pakistan, the Philippines stands out because it has the strongest affinity with the United States due to having a long history with the country as a former American colony for 50 years. Even after gaining independence, the Philippines continue to have a strong connection with the United States. The official language in the schools and business is English. The Filipino youth follows the US popular culture. This explains why the industry experts view the Philippines as having the highest level of English proficiency among other countries in the Asian region and why it is easy for call center firms to relate to the West.

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