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Offshore Call Center Industry In The Philippines Eyeing The UK Market

For several years now, businesses servicing the US market have preferred offshore call center outsourcing in the Philippines over other similar offshore service providers. Aside from lower costs of labor, the Philippines’ English-speaking workforce is one the country’s main advantages. Indeed, the Philippines has the highest level of English language skills among other countries in the Asian region.

Not only can Filipinos speak English well, they can also understand and often adopt different accents with ease. This language skill gives call center outsourcing a clear advantage in capturing the global call center market which is predominantly composed of English-speaking nations such as the United States and the United Kingdom

While 90 percent of the current clientele of call center outsourcing to the Philippines comes from the United States market, the success of the call center operations of these American businesses in the Philippines has sparked the interest of many British companies.

Additionally, the first few companies that worked with offshore call center outsourcing in the Philippines have reported improved profitability; rise in employment and a growing market share in their business sectors leaving competitors lagging behind in these areas.

This has proven that call center outsourcing in the Philippines is capable of delivering client requirements while lowering costs and improving quality service and overall business performance of clients.

British companies are discovering plenty of good reasons to choose offshore call center outsourcing in the Philippines to manage their call center and customer support operations.

For six years now, call center reviews in the Asian region has consistently placed call center outsourcing to the Philippines in the top position as a destination for offshore call center outsourcing beating its strongest competitor, India.

While call center outsourcing in the Philippines faces competition from other players in the offshore call center market besides India, these players often lack the familiarity of call center outsourcing with English, which is the country’s second language, and many face significant language barriers.

Besides the ability to speak English well, global companies choose offshore call center outsourcing in the Philippines among other competitors in Asia for other reasons including the strong work ethic and standards of Filipino employees as well as the quality of call center management by call center outsourcing combined with the presence of strong telecommunications infrastructures in the country.

The emergence of the United Kingdom as a new source of call center business for offshore call center outsourcing in the Philippines have generated an increasing interest from the local call center industry to focus on and encourage opportunities from the UK market.

Research estimates that in five years, 75 percent of offshore outsourcing in the Europe will come from the United Kingdom and that spending of offshore outsourcing operations will increase to more than 3 billion euros by 2009 and that 76 percent of that figure will be coming from UK businesses. For offshore call center outsourcing, capturing the UK market will definitely be lucrative more so than US market given that the British pound is stronger than the dollar at an exchange rate of 1.96 dollars to a pound.

Offshore call center outsourcing is certainly a viable contender for British businesses who are looking to locate their call centers offshore. Compared to the past several years, the political climate in the country today is more stable. Additionally, offshore call center outsourcing in the Philippines is enjoying immense support from the government.

The country is abundant with young college-educated individuals who are eager to join the attractive call center profession and the cost of employing these qualified individuals is much lower than in any developed country. It is, therefore, not surprising that many UK companies are planning to do business with call center outsourcing to the Philippines.

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