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Offshore Business Process Outsourcing Operators Philippines

For more than a decade leading global businesses have turned to offshore business process outsourcing in the effort to improve performance. Serving the market are offshore business process outsourcing (BPO) operators in the Philippines that offer wide-ranging services for any type and any size of business.

The largest and most successful businesses around the world agree on the benefits of outsourcing. Initially outsourcing was mainly a means to reduce costs but increasingly businesses are discovering that the benefit of outsourcing goes beyond cost savings and that it is in fact a vital business tool that can drive more value into an organization.

Many businesses that chose offshore BPOs in the Philippines find additional value in the service they receive. Philippines BPOs commit themselves not only to providing service but also to helping the business improve its performance. In this sense, offshore business process outsourcing providers in the Philippines work much like a business partner would and this high level of service has been one of the reasons why many global businesses migrate an increasing portion of their business processes to the Philippines.

Offshore business process outsourcing firms in the Philippines provide a wide range of integrated front office and back-office services delivered from their network of contact centers. Offshore business process outsourcing companies in the Philippines offer business clients potential cost savings of 40 up to 60 percent.

Today, the need for cost efficiency across various industries and business operations is more urgent than ever. Enterprises across such diverse niches as finance/banking, communications, retail, travel and other industries are searching for quick and sustainable ways to cut costs and many of them find the solution in outsourcing non-core business processes to an offshore service providers such as those based in the Philippines.


Offshore business process outsourcing firms in the Philippines serve the following industries: airline, automotive, banking, communications, consumer goods and services, electronics, energy, financial services, logistics, healthcare, industrial goods, media and entertainment, retail, travel, utilities and others.

Offshore BPOs in the Philippines provide a vast array of services that include:

  • Inbound and outbound call center services
  • Business, legal and medical transcription
  • Software development
  • Finance, logistics, and accounting
  • Human resources
  • Animation

Why do global businesses choose the Philippines as an offshore BPO location?

Because the Philippines is a low cost location, Philippines based BPOs are able to offer business clients immediate opportunities to reduce costs up to 60%.   In the specific are of wage metrics, BPO personnel receive only a fraction of what US-based professionals receive however that doesn’t mean the quality is low but simply that the ROI is very high due to the comparative wage differential.

By outsourcing a business’ existing support functions to an offshore BPO in the Philippines and their lower cost factors a business can quickly reduce operating costs usually without huge investments upfront. The cost savings enjoyed can then be a source of funding for other business initiatives of the organization.

Additionally, offshore business process outsourcing operators in the Philippines utilizes world-class IT and telecommunications systems readily available in the country but especially in Manila. The efficient use of these resources enables offshore business process outsourcing operators Philippines to deliver high quality services.

Offshore BPOs in the Philippines typically employ college-educated labor with high English proficiency and this is one of the key advantages of the country since the vast majority of Philippines BPO clients are in the US and other English speaking countries.

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