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Offshore BPO Service Provider In The Philippines

Don’t let vendor fatigue leave you too tired to recognize your offshore BPO service provider Philippines’ accomplishments.

Many clients have a preferred offshore BPO service provider in the Philippines. PITON’s clients appreciate the existing relationship, the value delivered over time, and the trust that has been built over a number of years. When new BPO service provider requirements emerge, these clients like to steer business towards the incumbent offshore BPO service provider in the Philippines with a proven track record. What often occurs, however, is that the clients’ preferred BPO service provider may not win the job. Why does this happen?

Having an existing offshore BPO service provider in the Philippines describes a BPO opportunity that the client feels is worth exploring. The BPO service provider submits a high-level proposal for a discovery process in the Philippines or assessment with a high-level business case as the final deliverable goods. The business case allows the client to determine whether to move forward with a BPO service agreement, or not. This discovery process is often provided for free, or at significant discounts to the BPO service provider in the Philippines’ usual fee structure. This makes it extremely attractive to the client, with little perceived risk on their part.

How do you avoid a case of vendor fatigue? First, if you want to award additional business to your existing offshore BPO service provider in the Philippines, don’t let them do free studies that only deliver happy words based upon limited information. Second, remember that as the incumbent BPO service provider, spending millions for the free study and due diligence does not always win business. Third, the client should be sure that the Philippines’ service levels, metrics, and financial business economy are formal and complete before they allow their BPO service provider to perform due diligence as this will limit unfortunate and unwanted surprises and give both the client and offshore BPO service provider a good working relation and it will set the stage for a much higher probability of signing a good BPO agreement in the Philippines. Finally, recognize the symptoms of vendor fatigue and intervene before the malady becomes fatal.

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