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The Offshore BPO Agencies In The Philippines Capabilities Model

1. LEADERSHIP. The capability to identify, communicate, and deliver the balance of delivery, transformation, and relationship activities to achieve present and future success for both client and offshore BPO agency in the Philippines
2. PLANNING AND CONTRACTING. The capability to develop and contract for business plans, which deliver win-win results for the customer and the offshore BPO agency in the Philippines over time
3. ORGANIZATIONAL DESIGN. The capability to design and implement organizational arrangements for the realization of plans and contracts
4. GOVERNANCE. The capability to define, track, assess, and fix performance
5. CUSTOMER DEVELOPMENT. The capability to transition users of an internally provided service to customers who make informed decisions about service levels, functionality, and costs
6. PROCESS IMPROVEMENT. The capability to design and implement changes to service processes to meet improvement targets
7. TECHNOLOGY DEPLOYMENT. The capability to swiftly and effectively deploy technology in support of critical service improvement targets
8. PROGRAM MANAGEMENT. The ability to prioritize, coordinate, ready the organization and deliver across a series of inter-related projects
9. SOURCING. The capability to access whatever resources are required to deliver service targets
10. PROFESSIONAL BEHAVIOR MANAGEMENT. The capability to motivate and manage people to deliver service with a front office and customer-oriented mindset
11. DOMAIN EXPERTISE. The capability to apply and retain sufficient professional knowledge of the process domain to meet user requirements
12. PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT. The capability to consistently deliver to both customer service level agreements and offshore BPO agencies in the Philippines’ own required business plan

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