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A Look At Filipino Call Centers – Capabilities And Attractiveness

An offshore call center outsourcing vendor is simply a company that handles the inbound and outbound calls of another company that is located overseas. Offshore call center outsourcing vendors differ in size and service offerings but all, generally, provide call center management solutions to their clients.

Offshore call center outsourcing is one area of business process outsourcing that is quite common for many companies today. Many companies choose to outsource their call center operations to offshore locations, of which the Philippines is a top preference, as operating and managing this process can be quite expensive in their local areas.

Offshore call center outsourcing vendors in the Philippines cater to a wide variety of industries and business functions. Typically, one call center outsourcing vendor handles more than one client in diverse business sectors. Banks, travel companies, retailers, technology and other business enterprises all have call centers to respond to customer needs and to understand their target markets better.

Offshore call center outsourcing vendors in the Philippines have been helping companies in different areas of business in managing their customer relations and call center operations. Aside from customer care, call center outsourcing vendor may also handle other functions such as sales and marketing.

Depending on what account a call center professional is handling, he or she may perform various tasks from taking orders for laptops, to providing directions to a store, to troubleshooting internet service connections, to assisting a customer in a bank loan application or a flight reservation.

Aside from receiving calls from customers, call center outsourcing vendor may also manage outbound calls for their clients. In this case, a call center professional may call a business establishment or a household for different purposes such as telemarketing, lead generation or customer satisfaction surveys.

The development of Internet technology has enabled offshore call center outsourcing. This, along with the goal of businesses to continue providing quality customer service while reducing costs has fueled the growth of offshore call center outsourcing vendors.

Since call center outsourcing relies in technology, choosing a location with excellent technological capabilities that can meet the demands of a call center is critical.

The Philippines takes pride in its reliable, scalable and secure technological infrastructures that enable offshore call center outsourcing vendors to deliver quality customer service. Moreover, these technologies are available in the Philippines at very competitive rates.

Managing Clients and Employees

Call center management is part of the service offered by any offshore call center outsourcing vendor in the Philippines. This involves staff recruitment and training, performance monitoring and evaluation, and coaching or mentoring of call center agents. Call center outsourcing vendors must satisfy their clients and their client’s customers as well as keep their employees motivated in their work.

This is why an offshore call center outsourcing vendorcarefully develop and execute call center management strategies to ensure delivery of client expectations and employee motivation.

High employee turnover can result in increase in costs. Unlike most other call center service provides, offshore call center outsourcing vendors in the Philippines have the lowest employee turnover rate.

Several factors affect this favorable trend. First, call center outsourcing vendors offer attractive compensation packages to its employees. The average monthly salary of an agent in an offshore call center outsourcing vendor in the Philippines is US$300 or about fifteen thousand pesos, which is twice as much as what employees in other sectors are earning.

In addition to their basic pay, call center agents assigned in night shifts also receive night shift differentials. Performance incentives, which may in cash or in the form of gift certificates, are also common. Call center team outings are another way that call center outsourcing vendors shows their appreciation to their people.

Call center offices, especially the large ones, are sophisticated and features facilities for the relaxation and comfort of agents such as sleeping quarters, cafeterias, and recreation rooms.

Additionally, the chances of career advancement are also great. Call center agents who are consistent top performers can secure higher-ranking positions as team supervisors, quality assurance officers, coaches, or even operations managers. All of these reasons make working in offshore call center outsourcing vendors in the Philippines is very attractive to Filipino professionals.

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