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Combining Resources To Improve Service

Offshore call center companies in the Philippines account for a large share of the entire IT-enabled business process outsourcing services industry in the country. This sector, which has shown strong growth annually since 2001, will continue to become a major player in the global market.

Contact center providers in the Philippines have demonstrated its skills and capability in providing world-class inbound call center services to its clients across various industries from consumer goods, airlines, to real estate, IT, banking and financial services, and telecommunications industries among others.

Over the past five years, call center vendors have proven to be one of the best in the world with international clients, many of which are leaders in their respective business areas. A growing number of global companies are discovering the advantage of call center firms in the Philippines, just as the first companies who located their call centers in the country have discovered, and this advantage is the delivery of high quality service at cost savings of up to 60 percent. In a very competitive market, call center providers are valuable resources that can help businesses gain a competitive advantage over competitors.

Through call center vendors in the Philippines, it is possible for a company to provide valuable customer support without straining resources and at the same time have the freedom to focus on its core business functions. By taking advantage of the capabilities of call center companies, businesses are able to provide services with greater customer focus thus boosting sales and marketing efforts and generating more revenue.

Contact center companies in the Philippines offer custom call center solutions to global companies who are seeking to provide customer support and technical support to their customers 24×7. Highly competent contact center firms help a business achieve its business goals by providing strategic inbound call center services

Call center companies in the Philippines works with clients closely and form strategies in contact center management that will contribute to the attainment of business goals. The services offered by call center providers range from simple customer requests and taking messages to loyalty programs to directory assistance, telesales, and flight and hotel reservations.

Offshore call center providers in the Philippines can also handle order taking, order fulfillment, catalog or website sales, answering and messaging services, technical support, help desk services, and other customer services

Call center firms provide businesses the following benefits:

  • Expertise in call center management
  • Skilled, knowledgeable and professional call center representatives
  • Advanced call monitoring and reporting capabilities
  • Efficient transition, launch, and integration of new campaigns
  • Market testing capabilities
  • Enhanced speed to market
  • Wider market coverage

People and Processes
Contact center companies in the Philippines consists of qualified and well-trained call center professionals. Most of these agents are college graduates from leading schools in the Philippines. Filipino call center agents are very comfortable with using computers and demonstrate a high level of fluency in the English language.

The business process involves the application of best practices in order to deliver significant and measurable results that will increase return on investment (ROI).

In addition, offshore inbound call centers in the country provide agents the proper training they need to succeed in their jobs including orientation with the client’s business, product/service, system, process including culture and geography. Accent training, customer service skills, phone etiquette are other things that trainees learn before starting actual work.

Highly qualified and seasoned call center professionals manage these call center companies. These individuals lead the organization towards a better performance through processes of continuous improvement.

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