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Helping Businesses Grow And Keep Their Customer Base

Offshore call center outsourcing in the Philippines offers an integrated offshore inbound call center solutions to help businesses achieve customer acquisition, cost reduction and revenue growth.

Call center firms in the Philippines has a dedicated group of call center professionals assigned to each client account who are closely supervised by dedicated team managers. Call center professionals receive and process customer calls and make use of telecommunications technologies and Internet services to answer customer’s needs whether they have a simple product question or are ready to make a purchase.

Call center companies in the Philippines with sales accounts train their call center agents to identify up selling and cross selling opportunities during every sales call in order to increase sales values

Contact center companies in the Philippines were the first kind of call centers in the country and many leading businesses in the United States and in other countries rely on BPO companies in the Philippines to provide support to their customers.

Some offshore contact centers are domestic companies but many are foreign-based call centers that have moved or expanded their operations to the country. Offshore inbound call center outsourcing firms Philippines are experienced companies who have utilized their expertise in the call center industry to offer extensive offshore inbound call center solutions. They combine a working knowledge of the industry with the latest call center technologies and strategic project management to customize a solution that meets client specific needs.

A call center firm includes the following features:

  • Fully integrated solutions that deliver cost-effective inbound call center management
  • Sophisticated technologies
  • Reporting to help companies analyze performance levels
  • Efficient processes that ensure quick call resolution without sacrificing quality
  • Enhanced service levels that convert to increased revenues
  • Dedicated staff well trained in handling specific client accounts

Call center companies in the Philippines provides a comprehensive range of inbound call center solutions, including: Customer Acquisition, Customer Care, Technical Support, Direct Response Services, Upselling and Cross-selling, Business-to-Business Solutions, and others.

BPO companies in the Philippines serves the following industries communications, consumer and industrial goods, financial services, healthcare, insurance, pharmaceutical, retail, transportation, travel, utilities, among others.

Offshore inbound call center outsourcing firm Philippines leverages the expertise of its people and its advanced technologies to deliver single or multiple call center solutions based on client’s needs.

The availability of affordable but high-end call center technology in the Philippines is among the top reasons why leading global companies turn to call center firms in Manila to help them manage their call center operations.

Offshore call center firms in the Philippines have proven their technical expertise and capabilities, which has enabled them to deliver measurable results to clients.

Contact center firms in the Philippines have advanced network facilities and quality-auditing systems that enable them to deliver consistent quality service at the same time maintaining and improving quality. These technologies in the hands of call center experts are valuable tools that lead to customer acquisition, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Network facilities in call center providers are state-of-the-art technologies that allow real-time monitoring of call traffic, which is a key factor in order to provide quick response to customers, increase quality of calls, and remain cost-effective.

Quality Assurance
Using advance quality-auditing tools, offshore call center companies in the Philippines have quality assurance programs that ensure call center agents answer each call with customer focus and in the most professional manner.

As part of quality assurance efforts of the call center companies in the Philippines, many offer clients capabilities to monitor, record and review calls along with call data. They also have custom quality assurance scorecards or forms for efficient quality auditing and provide analysis of data and trends to identify areas for improvement.

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