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6 Advantages of Being Bilingual when Working in a Philippine Call Center

6 Advantages of Being Bilingual when Working in a Philippine Call Center

What are the advantages you can gain from being bilingual in a Philippine call center?

  1. Increase in income
  2. A possible promotion
  3. More employment options for you to choose from
  4. Strengthen communication skills
  5. More perks and benefits
  6. Further training


When it comes to working in any Philippine call center office, there are a lot of things to consider in your performance, whether it be your approach to work or your overall work ethics. Most employers choose people to become part of their team because of their capabilities in handling certain situations. Some hire individuals because of their past good records. However, there is one thing these companies most definitely look for, and that is agents who can speak two or more languages.

Numerous call center offices, particularly BPOs in Cebu and Manila, employ a number of these people who possess this great skill. Since many agents cater to a global client base, there is no doubt that there would be numerous services to be provided for each and every one of them.

If you are looking for a chance to establish yourself in one of the most well-known industries in the country, then you might want to start learning another language (aside from Filipino and English) because you might just get the benefits you want to receive from your company. To give you a clue on this, here are some of the perks of working as a bilingual call center agent:

Increased in Income

Being bilingual can serve as a big asset in your work performance; and when performance is good, chances are you will be given a rightful increase, particularly if your boss is happy about it.

When it comes to being a bilingual agent working in a Philippine call center environment, the most important and notable thing to consider is the availability of accounts you can handle in the global aspects. This is especially true when there is a demand for bilingual employees, meaning if you’re looking to earn more in the BPO industry, then this is one thing you should definitely consider!

A Possible Promotion

A Possible Promotion

One of the most notable things about the Philippine call center environment is that competition can be a bit intense, especially in BPOs around Cebu and Manila. Sometimes, performing well on your job is not going to be good enough to raise you among the ranks. You also need some special skills in your arsenal, such as being able to speak and understand multiple languages.

More Employment Options for You to Choose from

If you’re looking to make a living in the BPO industry, being bilingual can definitely open a lot of doors for you! Since the demand for being bilingual is pretty high, the chances of you being employed in most Philippine call center offices are just as high as the demand for these agents. Just be sure to also impress them in other areas like your ability to work well with others and how easily you can adapt; this will surely get you the job you want most.

Strong Communication Skills

Being bilingual can really be a testament to your skills in communication, especially in the BPO setting you’re about to embark in. Since strong communication skills are a priority to uphold when it comes to working in the BPO industry, possessing this unique attribute can not only guarantee you a spot in the industry, but also ensures that you’ll be able to advance even further.

This is especially true for Philippine call center offices that cater to a global clientele. Since BPO accommodates every customer from every corner of the globe, language barriers are sure to occur every once in a while; luckily, being bilingual can definitely get you through that hurdle.

More Perks and Benefits

More Perks and Benefits

The BPO industry in the Philippines is also known as one of the most generous industries for anyone to work in, as executives never hesitate to give their employees what they need and what they deserve. Besides the usual paid leaves, free food, and other freebies, being bilingual can give you access to a lot of other perks and benefits.

Further Training

It’s safe to say that being bilingual in the BPO workforce can bring you a lot of positivity with your performance, especially with how efficient you’ll be in providing service for your clients. With that said, getting more training in the practice of linguistics and communications should be a walk in the park for you!

There’s nothing wrong with getting a little bit more training in something that you consider as your expertise. By being bilingual in the call center environment not only will you be able to hone your craft even more, but it could also lead you to other opportunities you may want to embark on in the future.


Key Takeaway

Being bilingual is a skill that is a neat skill to have, particularly if you are going to work in a BPO industry. While it may not be used on numerous occasions, there are certainly a lot of advantages you can gain from possessing this skill. With these 6 advantages in store for you, there is no doubt that moving forward will be as smooth as you want it to be.