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What are the Cost Elements of an Onshore Call Center?

By Grace N / 1 June 2023

Call centers are a critical component of many businesses, serving as the primary point of contact for customers seeking assistance or support. No two centers are exactly the same, as they can vary greatly in terms of size, location, industry, goals and objectives, and the specific needs of their customers. Despite these differences, all contact centers share the common goal of providing excellent customer service and support. In this discussion, we will explore the various factors that contribute to the differences between call centers and how these differences impact their operations.

One key factor that can impact the differences between call centers is the cost structure of the operation. The cost structure of an onshore call center can vary depending on a number of factors, including the size of the call center, the industry it serves, the types of services it offers, and the location of the call center. Here are some of the key cost components of an onshore call center:

Labor: The largest cost component of an onshore call center is typically labor. This can include the cost of hiring and training employees, as well as employee benefits and taxes.

Technology: Call centers rely on a wide range of technologies, including phone systems, CRM software, and AI-powered chatbots. These technologies can be expensive to purchase and maintain.

Facility costs: They require physical space to operate, which can incur costs such as rent, utilities, and maintenance.

Training: Outsourcing providers typically invest in training programs to ensure that their employees are knowledgeable and skilled. These training costs can include instructor fees, materials, and employee time.

Quality assurance: Contact centers may invest in quality assurance processes and systems to ensure that they are providing high-quality service to customers. These costs can include employee time, training, and software.

Marketing and sales: Providers may incur costs related to marketing and sales efforts to attract new customers and promote their services.

Other miscellaneous costs: Vendors may also incur other miscellaneous costs, such as insurance, legal fees, and administrative expenses.

It’s important for call center outsourcing providers to carefully manage their cost structure to ensure that they are operating efficiently and effectively. The cost of management is also a key component. This can include the cost of hiring and training managers, as well as the salaries and benefits of those managers. In addition to the specific cost components that have been mentioned, there may also be other management-related costs such as travel expenses and training programs for managers. The cost structure may also be affected by other factors, such as the level of competition in the market and the availability of skilled labor. Onshore contact centers may also face higher labor costs compared to their offshore counterparts due to differences in the cost of living and other economic factors. However, onshore call centers may also offer advantages such as better communication and cultural alignment with customers, which can be important for some businesses.

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