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Tech Support vs Help Desk Outsourcing in the UK: Understanding the Key Differences

By Grace N. / 26 February 2024

Businesses often contemplate between outsourcing tech support and help desk services. While both services play critical roles in customer and internal support structures, understanding their key differences is essential for UK companies to make informed decisions about their outsourcing needs. These differences lie in the nature of the services provided, the complexity of issues handled, the skills required, and their overall strategic objectives.

Nature of Services:

Tech Support typically refers to services that provide assistance with technology products or services. This includes troubleshooting technical problems, supporting complex software or hardware, and offering solutions for IT-related issues. Tech support often requires a deeper understanding of technical products, software, or IT infrastructure. In contrast, Help Desk services are generally broader and include providing answers to customers or employees on a wide range of queries. These can include technical issues but often extend to general inquiries, product information, account management, and non-technical support.

Complexity of Issues:

The complexity of the issues handled is a significant differentiator between tech support and help desk services. Tech support tends to deal with more complex, technical problems that require specialised knowledge and expertise. These issues might include software malfunctions, hardware breakdowns, network issues, or advanced product feature support. On the other hand, help desk services usually address more basic, often repetitive queries that don’t require extensive technical know-how. These might include password resets, basic troubleshooting, general inquiries, and guidance on product usage.

Skillset and Training:

The skillset required for tech support and help desk agents differs based on the nature of the issues they handle. Tech support agents typically require a higher level of technical training, an understanding of specific software or hardware, and problem-solving skills in complex IT areas. They might also need to stay continually updated on the latest technological advancements and industry trends. In contrast, help desk agents require a broader range of customer service skills, including communication, empathy, and the ability to handle a variety of general queries. Their training might focus more on the company’s products or services and less on in-depth technical knowledge.

Strategic Objectives:

From a strategic perspective, tech support and help desk services fulfill different objectives for a business. Outsourcing tech support in the UK is often driven by the need to provide expert technical assistance, maintain IT infrastructure, and ensure customer satisfaction with technical products or services. It’s a decision geared towards maintaining high-quality technical service and support. Outsourcing help desk services, however, is usually about ensuring efficient handling of general inquiries, improving response times, and providing reliable customer or employee support on a range of issues.

Business Impact:

The impact on the business also varies between the two. Tech support is crucial for businesses whose products or services are heavily reliant on technology, as downtime or technical issues can directly affect the bottom line. Effective tech support can thus be a critical factor in customer retention and brand loyalty. Help desk services, while also important for customer satisfaction, are more focused on providing a first point of contact, resolving general issues quickly, and ensuring smooth day-to-day operations.

While both tech support and help desk outsourcing in the UK play vital roles in a business’s support ecosystem, their differences lie in the complexity of the issues they address, the required skillset of the agents, their strategic objectives, and their impact on the business. Understanding these differences is key for UK businesses to determine which service aligns best with their specific needs and goals.

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