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Engagement Strategies to Improve Call Center Culture

By Maigne Cantos / 22 January 2019

What can you do to improve your call center’s company culture?

  • Rewards and incentives
  • Humane performance metrics
  • Continuous employee improvement efforts
  • Alignment through core values


The lives of those working in call center services in the Philippines can be challenging. Most of the time, they’ll be stuck in their own cubicles for almost half a day, their eyes glued to computer screens, and phones glued to their ears. This is call center culture in a nutshell.

Today, company culture is more than just a buzzword for large corporations. Chances are there are many businesses that use it to further improve and expand as a whole. In fact, more and more of them are starting to turn over a new leaf and implement very good strategies to keep their employees as engaged as possible! 

The culture that forms within a company says a lot about the relationship between upper management and those in operations.  In the Philippines, some of the best call centers make it their mission to always foster a great and mutually beneficial company culture—and this leads to great improvements to their performance ratings. See how they do it through these strategies!

 Rewards and Incentives

Rewards and Incentives

Positive reinforcement is one of the best tools to help motivate your agents and increase their engagement. By acknowledging the accomplishments of your team, you’re providing a sense of achievement to them—something that can serve as great motivation for anyone.

A better way to go at it is to sponsor friendly competition between teams. Not only will this be a good source of enthusiasm for your employees, but it can also act as a team building opportunity.  This can improve employee rapport which will do wonders for the operations of the organization. 

When you think of it, by ensuring that your employees get incentives when they reach or surpass their quota, they’ll be more enthusiastic about reaching it! It’s only natural for people to aim for something when they know that they’re going to be handsomely rewarded.

Humane Performance Metrics

Focusing solely on numbers is probably the most basic thing that most call centers do in order to continually reach their monthly or yearly goals. Though it may be very beneficial to the company, it can be a very bad thing when it comes to employee retention and morale.  The emphasis on the quantity of calls rather than the quality would not explicitly state how efficient an agent is working.

For better engagement within the company, it’s highly recommended that you move away from numerical values and focus on the performance of your agents themselves—such as customer satisfaction and call quality.

Remember, almost every industry should at least be transitioning to becoming more customer-centric because that is what the times dictate. But the benefits that being more performance based in your evaluation metrics will result in better, more visible improvements in your employee’s work and service.


Continuous Employee Improvement Efforts

Continuous Employee Improvement Efforts

Employees who feel that their company invests in their growth tend to be more enthusiastic about their work. As the company that’s housing them, it’s your duty to make them grow both in their personal lives and in their career. Keep in mind that nowadays, people are searching for growth opportunities first before they look for a stable job to spend the rest of their lives on.

When employees see that you are actively providing them with opportunities to learn and get new skills, they’ll be more willing to stay and work for you. This will prove to be beneficial in the long run because you will have people who genuinely value your company’s purpose and vision. The best part is that whatever they learn in these improvement efforts, they’ll surely put it into their work which can potentially improve their performance.

Alignment Through Core Values

Formulate a list of core values that you want your employees to embody. Don’t just post it on a wall, make it something that they have to live by while they stay in your company. You could also offer incentives to those who really show the core values in their work and in their actions within the office.

Not only will this facilitate better work ethics and performance, but it can also serve as a good baseline for consistency in everything that you do. Core values will help guarantee that agents are ethical in the work they do. 

Key Takeaway

Employee engagement can be hard to monitor, especially when you are a part of one of the biggest call centers in the Philippines. But when you have the capability to monitor and enhance employee engagement—it can lead to so many potential improvements to your company. If you would like this for your company – be it call center services or not – then you should employ these strategies!

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