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6 Halloween Costume Ideas for You and Your Co-Workers in a Philippine Call Center

By Maigne Cantos / 29 October 2017

What are the best ideas for Halloween costumes for you and your co-workers?

  1. Superheroes
  2. Vampires, zombies, mummies, etc.
  3. Movie characters
  4. Rock stars and other Idols
  5. Anime heroes
  6. Video game characters


Halloween is just around the corner, so you and your co-workers in a Philippine call center are definitely in for a treat! Time to get your scare game on, grab bags of candy, and just let loose with your closest friends in this year’s Halloween party!

There are numerous ideas for you to try if ever you decide to have some fun on this “spooktacular” occasion! Here are some of the best ones you can do with your coworkers:

Superhero Theme

One of the best things about working in a Philippine call center is the fact that you work in a vibrant and playful environment, which will make more sense for this particular Halloween theme party. In this case, feel free to let your inner ‘superhero’ out – whether it may be heroes from Marvel or DC. In fact, you can even host a friendly competition between #TeamMarvel and #TeamDC!

Either way, the costumes you guys are going to wear are going to be awe-inspiring!

Horror Theme

Horror Theme

When it comes to Halloween parties, one of the most prevalent themes of all is none other than horror! There’s nothing like Halloween that really brings out the scare factor, especially with the abundance of vampires, zombies, mummies, and all the other creatures that are there to scare the pants off of you!

For this theme, feel free to go all out with the gore; or if you want, you can keep it simple to save some time for your costumes.

Movie Theme

One of the more common themes in a Halloween party is none other than the world of cinematic wonders – movies! In fact, the best thing about this theme is the numerous movie characters you can dress up as for Halloween, which makes your party all the more thrilling!

With that said, there are numerous ways for you to prepare for this theme! Either broadcast a lot of movies throughout the workplace or design your Philippine call center office with a certain film in mind. All you’ll need to do for this theme is to make sure that your impressions are spot-on to make the festivities more enjoyable!

Personal Idol Theme

Working in a Philippine call center can expose you to a variety of people. In this case, we all have our own personal idols in life, whether it be movie stars, musicians, artists, and others of the sort. When it comes to this, feel free to emulate your idol’s look as much as you can! Want to come to the party as Gene Simmons from the band Kiss? Then, go wild with the makeup!

Anime Theme

Anime Theme

If anyone is to discuss anything pop culture, especially in a Philippine call center environment, then there’s nothing more prevalent than anime! All those awesome fight scenes, dramatic moments, and other critical moments of anime can play a crucial role in your party planning for Halloween, particularly when it comes to the characters.

When it comes to this theme, you and your friends can enjoy being as awesome as these anime characters in the party. Whether you come to the party as Son Goku, Naruto Uzumaki, Monkey D. Luffy, or even Natsu Dragneel, there is definitely no mistake you can make with what costume you choose to go to the party.

Video Game theme

Working in a Philippine call center setting can definitely expose you to a wide range of people, most notably, gamers! These are the types of individuals that you would want to hang out with during game nights. During Halloween, you’re definitely bound to see them dressed as their favorite video game characters.

If ever you’re a gamer yourself, don’t hesitate to get you and your friends dressed as if you’re all about to step up to play! Besides, with this theme, not only will you and your friends be able to look like your favorite video game characters, you’ll also be able to turn your Philippine call center office into one giant arena for all your gaming desires! Just make sure to not trash the office afterward.


Key Takeaway

Halloween is an awesome occasion for a lot of people. If you and your co-workers are itching for some chills down your spines, feel free to go wild with fright!

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