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How to Deal with Difficult Clients

By Maigne Cantos / 31 July 2017

How should you deal with difficult clients?

  • Listen to them carefully
  • Do your best to compensate them
  • Watch your tone
  • Understand the matter at hand
  • Apologize
  • Don’t put them on hold if not necessary
  • Maintain patience


In the world of business, there’s always the concept of serving customers and meeting demands and standards. This especially applies to Philippine call centers as this line of work entails them to be responsible enough to provide the best assistance they can give to their clients no matter what the conflict may be. It’s important that agents are able to keep up with the many demands of different clients.

While the notion of serving them is easy enough in its entirety, there’s always a moment where clients prove to be extremely difficult to deal with. As an agent of this industry, or an employee of any industry as a whole, an extremely long line of patience is definitely required for any job you tackle.

As such, there are numerous ways to better deal with this if ever you encounter such a client. If you’re looking for more enlightenment on the topic at hand, these tips are definitely worth a read:

Listen Carefully

This may be one of the most important tips you may read. There will come a time that some clients will demand for you to resolve an issue that’s out of your scope of work. Luckily, all that would take to deal with this obstacle is to have a good ear for any issue at hand.

By doing this, not only will you be able to quickly figure out a solution for any concern your client might have, but you’ll also be able to reassure your client that you’ll get the job done no matter what – minus the yelling, of course.

Do your Best to Compensate for any Trouble

Though the cause of the issue may not be caused by you, it’s still important that your client be properly compensated for whatever trouble that they have gone through. That way, they are less likely to complain to your supervisor.

Watch your Tone

Watch your Tone

This is another key factor in the call center line of work. Your voice is a vital instrument in the world of communication, even more so when it comes to communicating with your clients. With that being said, no matter how difficult it can be to deal with them, make sure to keep your tone as consistent and professional as possible.

If your client seems a bit too stubborn to listen to anything you say, you must still remain professional and avoid raising your voice at all costs. Remember, that your conversation with the customer is being recorded and might be examined later on. Always be the better person by avoiding yelling to your customer.

Understand the Matter at Hand

As much as your clients can get on your nerves at times, they are still people who wish for the issue to be resolved as soon as possible. For this, make sure to clearly understand the problem at hand in order to resolve it completely. Following this tip will surely silence your client’s yelling.

Another thing about this is that this can help you understand everything regarding your line of work. With perfect understanding in what your responsibilities are, you’ll be able to put any client’s irritability at ease.



When you do this, be sure to perform it not as an act of obligation, but rather an act of empathy. It may not have been your fault that your client had encountered that particular issue, or that your client had experienced inconveniences with anything other than the work that you do. But nonetheless, empathizing with your client by apologizing to them can be an effective step in dealing with the stress.

Also, just because you apologize for your client’s inconvenience doesn’t mean that you’re personally taking the blame for whatever had happened. It can simply mean that when you apologize, you’re speaking in behalf of your entire company.

Avoid Putting Your Client on Hold

Avoid Putting Your Client on Hold

There will come a time when your client can really get on your nerves. In any case, it can get really tempting for you to push that hold button for you to be able to scream profanities at them without them knowing.

As much as possible, avoid doing this. If you really need to put them on hold, then do so – but take a deep breath instead of shouting your frustrations (which might catch the attention of your superiors). This will, essentially, calm you down enabling you to properly communicate with the customer.

Maintain Patience

This may have been mentioned numerous times, but this still remains true nonetheless. As an agent in the BPO industry, it’ll be your responsibility to get the job done no matter how difficult and meticulous it can be. With that said, it can take a toll on you, especially if it will be paired with difficult clients, which might eventually cause you to snap.

Patience will always remain a key virtue for any employee of any industry to follow, especially those in the call center line of work. With patience, you’d be amazed at how much you can get done and how many difficult customers you can appease.

Key Takeaway

These tips can surely assist you in your line of work. All in all, hard times in the office are up ahead. As much as possible, don’t let those kinds of clients get on your nerves. Focus on what you’re doing and you’ll definitely resolve any conflict brewing.

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