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Reasons Why Customer Experience is the New Brand

By Maigne Cantos / 7 February 2019

How does customer experience influence your brand?

  • Brand formation by the company
  • The fluidity of a brand
  • Brand definition by the customer


Your brand is at the mercy of your customers and audience. Whatever you built up for the past several years may seem like it’s too large to be downgraded by simple social media. However, the power given to people nowadays is not to be underestimated.

Call centers in the Philippines are great examples of experiences turned branding. The better the services they provide, the better their brand is perceived by its consumers. That being said, it can also lead to their downfall, particularly because of subpar services provided.

It’s important to that remember that the consumers that continually support their efforts are in the middle of the growth and prosperity that every company receives. This results in making customer experience incredibly important for the company—especially towards overall improvement.


Brand Formation by the Company

Many companies that deal with customer services acknowledge that the experience that their customers receive is one of most important factors in establishing and maintaining their brand. So much so that many of their branding efforts focus on improving the customer experience that they provide.

When you think about a brand, you would usually look for how a company looks like. It’s the mission and vision of the organization, along with the designs of its content. To those who are not familiar with digital marketing, these things might look like a bunch of playful design decisions—but in truth, there’s so much more thought that is put into it.

Brand Formation by the Company

A brand can be translated into a company’s personality. This can be seen in anything and everything that a company brings out including media, products, and the company mindset. All of these can be modified to a certain extent—all of which aim to create a specific image for the company.

Keep in mind, however, that the company can only go so far in setting up their brand. Call centers in the Philippines, for example, put more effort into creating a unique customer experience that is distinctive of them. The uniqueness should be towards a positive tone. Otherwise, it’s more of a detrimental cause to the whole business.


The Fluidity of a Brand

Every Philippine call centre, or at least, those that are noteworthy have built their brand from scratch. They’ve done everything from the start, probably because of the openness and fluidity of their brand. One of the biggest reasons why customer experience is treated as the new brand of many companies is because of how versatile the concept of branding really is. There are so many aspects that need to be taken note of when talking about branding—but a lot of them are moved to the wayside—all because of the public perception. 

The Fluidity of a Brand

It’s very important to understand that the brand of a company cannot be dictated by the company itself. They can only implement efforts to shape the public’s opinions of the brand by creating ways to recognize particular design choices, behaviors, and styles as their own.

Companies have a lot of ways to optimize the way that  people see their brand. Some of the most basic ones include the names of their products, the color palette used in their content, and the way they structure their messages. All of them, however, are just a means to an end that companies have little to no control of.


Brand Definition by the Customer

Every little branding effort that companies do aims to instill specific ideas into their audience and consumers. Oftentimes, they succeed in creating a brand that they think will fit their company—and that takes a mixture of digital marketing, customer experience optimization, and mindset formation.

The interesting thing is that each of these has differing levels of effectivity, depending on the industry that’s in place. A Philippine call centre would benefit greatly in optimizing their customer experience, rather than investing a lot in digital marketing—solely because it’s a customer service-based company.

Brand Definition by the Customer

That being said, all companies have customer service within their processes—which make the importance of customer experience even greater!

Keep in mind that no matter how great your marketing efforts may be, when the experience that you give to your customers is not that great, then they’ll think that your company is inadequate. Seldom will they complain to you. Rather, they’ll complain and explain their side in social media. Their post will then gather attention from their social circle, and thus it can boom into something larger—this can be very detrimental to your company’s brand.

By focusing on your customers and ensuring that they have the best experience that they can, then you’ll find yourself benefiting from it—specifically in your reputation and branding!


Key Takeaway

People nowadays are vocal and self-sufficient. When they see something they like, they talk about it. When they find something that makes them feel uncomfortable, they would still talk about it.

The same goes for branding, companies, and their customers. When their customers don’t like the services provided, they will spread word about it, meanwhile, when they experience something more than what they expect, they’ll be more than happy to share it with everyone!

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